Leading a Successful Federation

Written by: Dan Barker

 Summary (TL;DR) 

  1. Make a catchy name
  2. Build your Astronest as quickly as possible
  3. Recruit members to help speed up the Astronest research
  4. Use multiple recruiting tactics to get more members
  5. Appoint leadership roles to trusted members
  6. Make sure all members invest in federation research constantly
  7. Use a third-party messaging app for communication
  8. Be honest and transparent with your members
  9. Communication is the most important part of running a federation
  10. Have fun!

Astrokings offers many different styles of gameplay. Perhaps you prefer advancing alone by harvesting all the resources you need while avoiding trouble. Maybe you have a handful of friends you enjoy battling for bragging rights. Some players might decide to become galactic spies, infiltrating Federations and gathering valuable intelligence for others while reaping the benefits of both Federations. (Don’t get caught!) Others have even gone as far as creating, selling and carrying out contracts on other players for a price. Yup, you guessed it, galactic hitmen! Those are all great ways to play, but if you’re looking to really crank up your gameplay experience, creating and leading a Federation is definitely the way to go! Federations offer all of the mentioned gaming styles, plus tons of additional benefits, buffs, and challenges not found anywhere else. If you think leading a Federation is your cup of tea, you’re in the right spot!

Creating a New Federation

Creating your own Federation is fairly simple. If you’re currently a member of another Federation, you’ll have to leave it before you can begin. Start by tapping on the “Federation” icon located at the bottom of the gameplay area. Then tap “Create Federation” to begin the process. You’ll then be prompted to create a unique Federation name, abbreviation, Federation emblem, write a short description, choose whether to set National Power and Command Center requirements for potential members and set your Federation’s main language and country flag.

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner and leader of an Astrokings Federation! And don’t worry, if you made any mistakes during the setup process, you can easily fix it by tapping Federation>Manage-Federation(clipboard icon)>Federation-Settings.

Constructing Your Astronest

Newly created Federations don’t come with an Astronest, and aside from the many benefits they’ll eventually provide, they immediately offer a safe location for you and your Federation members to gather at. Safety in numbers is crucial when you’re starting out, so you’ll need to construct one as soon as possible! Tap the Federation icon to open the Federation section. Here you’ll find another section called Federation Research. Tap that to access your fed research projects. At the top, you’ll find the “Construct Astronest” research project. Start contributing your resources as often as possible to complete this project. Once completed, you’ll be able to find a cozy spot in the galaxy and place your Astronest! While it is possible to complete this project on your own not recommended; especially if you’re new to the game. Depending on how often you play and contribute, it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete by yourself! The best way to speed it up is by having multiple active players contributing to you.

Recruiting Tactics

By now you should have enough momentum to start recruiting players into your Federation, and you’re gonna need the help to get that Astronest built. Make sure you have an informative Federation description posted before you start, including any allies/enemies you may have. Be honest… If you don’t have your Astronest built yet, put that in the description as well. You want to be able to show them that you’re serious about leading, growing, and maintaining the Federation they may potentially join. If you want to attract people, be attractive.

There are several ways to recruit players and some work well than others depending on your personality. If you’re already a “people person”, you should have no problem finding recruits in general chat. Even if you don’t have a silver tongue, the general chat is an excellent place to start. Just be honest, be yourself, and keep plugging away at it. You’ll eventually start getting some bites or someone will point you in the right direction. Quite often, fedless players will jump in general chat and ask if anyone is recruiting, saving you the hassle. So keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to what is being said because you’re likely not the only Federation trying to recruit.

A more aggressive recruiting tactic that is used quite often in Astrokings is the attack approach. It might sound crazy, but it works surprisingly well and is fun to do. Find an active player slightly less or slightly more powerful than you. Attack them a few times and then stop. Your intent isn’t to cripple them. It’s more of a display of power. Be prepared for retaliation, but don’t bubble. If they do retaliate, you’re in luck! You just found a player that is active and isn’t afraid to fight. Let them land a few attacks on your planet before you bubble. Now comes the recruiting part. Regardless of who performed better, send a message to their mailbox and compliment their attack and defense skills. Then tell them that you are recruiting members and need confident players like him/her. It may not work every time, but you’ll typically get a positive response either way.

Scouring the galaxy is tedious work, but if you scroll around the universe map you’ll find loads of players that match what you’re looking for. Simply send a recruitment message directly to their mailboxes and wait. Combining these recruiting tactics with a bit of persistence will not only land you new members, but it will also create word of mouth around the galaxy and the recruits will start coming to you on their own. Now all you have to worry about is running out of space in your Federation. Federation Research offers Astronest expansions and an increase in member count. Be sure to check out “Federation Research and a Sneak Peek Inside” so you can plan ahead.


Look at you go! You’ve got an Astronest and members! Now all you have to do is keep everybody happy all the time, all by yourself! You can do it!!! No, no you can’t. I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re gonna need a lot of help. I probably should’ve told you sooner that operating a large and successful Federation is a lot of work. But hey, how else was I supposed to get you to read this far?

All jokes aside; If you’re in it for the long haul and you truly want to be one of the most powerful Federations in the galaxy, you’re going to need a strong leadership team. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which members to promote to leadership. And if you treat your leaders well, they will take a massive load off of your shoulders. You’ll quickly learn how to recognize players with leadership traits. Some gather and compile game data, while others might train newer players, organize attacks, recruit new members, etc. And if you’re lucky, you might find someone that writes game guides! ;)

Your Federation offers a ranking structure to help organize your members. They are, G1-G5 and N. N is where all of your Federation’s requests to join end up until you accept them. Once a member is accepted, they automatically start as a G1 player. So to make things simple, G1-G3 are for your general Federation members. G4 is for your trusted leadership members, and of course, G5 is for you! Following is a chart showing each rank and their authority over certain functions of the Federation.


The most important thing about running a successful Federation is communication. Federation chat is always helpful while in-game, but it can get crowded very quickly and there’s a limit. I suggest using a third-party messaging app for your Federation. Be sure to announce the app as a requirement to join your Federation as well. Once you have everybody in one place, communication becomes a breeze. Make all of your important announcements there, like upcoming Alien Scans, organizing Trade Planet wars, and even general chit chat to get to know each other better. These players will be like a virtual family, so be honest with each other and have fun!

Well, that about covers it. There, of course, is much much more involved with a Federation, like alliances, Trade Planet battles, Alien Scans, etc. But this should get you on your feet and headed in the right direction. Besides, what fun would it be if I gave you all of the answers? Just remember, there will always be ups and downs, but if you follow this guide, and don’t give up when times get tough, you’ll be headed in the direction of success!

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