[Federation]Ranking, Roles and Access


Federations are one of the most crucial elements of ASTROKINGS. While humanity’s heroes will no doubt seek to carve out their own empires and territories, power on a universal scale can only come through combining forces with other players.

Known as Federations, these in-game guilds can control large sectors of space and many critical resource points.

Federations form for many reasons—mutual defense, a desire for galactic conquest, a shared vision of glory. But no matter what the reason for their formation, Federations will ultimately control the fate of the human race. No hero is strong enough to conquer the universe alone.


Ingame advantages

The Federation Embassy enables trade, military partnership and support between nations in a Federation.

* Federated nations can conduct mutual research projects to gain additional benefits.

* Federated nations can sponsor joint explorations with other Federation members.

* Federated nations can build a fortress known as an AstroNest. Planetary Warp Drive (PWD) can be utilized to gather home planets into an area of mutual defense.

* When the Federation becomes truly powerful, it can exert economic controls on the universe. The Federation Chancellor (Guild leader) can distribute the profit from these ventures among the Federation members.

How to earn Federation Conquest Ranking Points?

- The total Conquest Points of a Federation is calculated by its members’ PvP results.

- If you win, you earn Ranking Points, if you lose, you lose points. 

- If you win/lose against a stronger player, you earn/lose higher points. If you win/lose against a weaker opponent, you earn/lose lesser points.  

- The ranking updates every hour registering all the points earned and lost during the period.

Federation Contribution

- Federation Members may contribute to their Federation in many ways. Whenever their Contribution increases, they receive Federation Marks.

- Contribution is calculated by the amount of activities in recent 30 days. It is not reset when you leave your Federation.

- You can purchase items at the Federation Store with these Federation Marks. They do not disappear even when you leave your current Federation.

Federation Members Roles

Federation Information SettingsChange Federation NameO
Change Federation EmblemO
Change Language SettingsOO
Change Federation DescriptionOO
Change Federation FlagO
Purchase Federation EmblemO
Federation SettingsTransfer Federation LeaderO
Distribute Federation ResourcesO
Change Federation Message to all Federation membersOO
Change qualifications for joining FederationOO
View Federation ResourcesOO
Dismiss FederationO
Federation SuccessionO
Leave FederationOOOOO
Federation Member SettingsSend Invitation to FederationOO
Approve Federation joining requestOO
Expel a member from FederationOO
Change the Fedeation Member levelsOOO
Federation Activity SettingsActivate Dimensional RadarOOO
Set a Federation Research PrioritizationOO
Open a new Federation Research categoryOO
Build AstronestOO
Withdraw AstronestOO
Adjust Trade Planet TaxO
Use Federation ContentsDonate Dimensional EnergyOOOOO
Participate in summoned Alien Fleet RaidOOOOO
Participate in Federation ResearchOOOOO
Support Federation membersOOOOO
Participate in Federation ExplorationOOOOO
Repair AstronestOOOOO
Support Fleets between Federation membersOOOOO
Support Resources between Federation membersOOOOO
Deposit in AstronestOOOOO
Start and participate in rallyOOOOO
Search FederationsOOOOO
Look up the Federation RankingOOOOO
Obtain Federation Ranking rewardOOOOO
Look up Federation membersOOOOO
Use Federation chatOOOOO