Command Center Hints & Tips

Written by: Dan Barker & Michael Cox

Summary (TL;DR)

  1. Assign a Command Center Hero with the “Construction Manager” skill and level up that skill as much as possible to help reduce construction costs.

  2. Once your Command Center reaches level 25, reset your National Policy and activate “Capitalism”, as well as its Sub-Policy “Materialism”, to reduce construction costs even further.

  3. Save all Mission Rewards from previously completed upgrades. Only use those resources to help upgrade the same building as the Mission Reward.

  4. Save and use “Gap Filler” Mission Rewards ONLY if the other rewards weren’t enough to cover the cost for that specific building’s upgrade.

  5. Generate additional resources to aid in Construction Costs by participating in events, harvesting, planetary raids, pirate battles, Alien invasions etc.

  6. BONUS TIP! Keep a close eye on your Storage Facility and its storage capacity. While you may have completed the requirements to begin construction on the Command Center you might not have enough room in your storage to hold all the resources to begin construction.

The Command Center is one of, if not, the most important buildings on your planet. You cannot progress throughout the game without leveling up your Command Center. As you progress throughout the game, you may find yourself stuck at a Command Center level for weeks at a time, struggling to gather the necessary resources to begin construction. Therefore, it is imperative that you take as many shortcuts as possible to help level it up and avoid the Command Center "brick wall". 

There are three main things you'll need to focus on to avoid that brick wall, and the sooner you start, the better off you'll be as you advance.

A. Command Center Hero

Having the proper Hero on any building is important and your Command Center is no exception. When dealing with upgrading your Command Center you’ll need to consider the cost of construction. The Command Center becomes extremely expensive as you reach higher levels and will become a massive hurdle if not approached properly. 

Let’s take a look at the different types of Hero Skills that can be applied to your Command Center.

1. Construction Foreman

    - This Hero Skill reduces the time it takes to construct/upgrade buildings.

2. Construction Manager

    - This Hero Skill reduces the cost of constructing/upgrading buildings.

Those two Hero Skills are only effective when appointed as a Command Center Minister. If you can find a B grade Hero with both of those skills, you’re in a great spot! But for the sake of avoiding that brick wall I mentioned earlier, let’s make sure to appoint a Hero that at least has the Construction Manager Skill. The Construction Manager Skill at level 1 provides a 2% discount towards construction costs. While that’s better than nothing, it’s not much. The Hero pictured above has a Construction Manager Skill at level 31 which provides a drastically higher discount! Make sure you level up that skill as much as you can and you’ll begin saving a significant amount of resources to upgrade not only your Command Center but any building you want to upgrade. Now that you have your Command Center Hero in order, let’s focus on your National Policy.

B. National Policy (Command Center Level 25+ Only)

Resetting and adjusting your National Policy before you begin construction makes all the difference in the galaxy! If you don’t already have one, hop over to the E.M.U. Emporium and purchase a Reset Policy item. Or if you’re lucky, you can find one in your Exchange Center on discount. I suggest purchasing them at a discount whenever you can. You’ll find they come in handy more often than not.

Before you begin construction on your Command Center, open up your National Policy and reset it. You can find it in the top right corner of the National Policy screen.

At this point, we want to reduce the cost of construction even more than what your Hero is already doing. To do so, you’ll need to activate the Sub-Policy, Materialism, which is found in Tier II under Capitalism. You won’t have enough policy points to do this until you reach Command Center level 25.

Activating Materialism provides an additional 10% discount towards construction costs. Combining this Policy with the Command Center Hero mentioned above will provide an insane discount making Command Center upgrades a breeze! If you’re unfamiliar with the importance and multiple benefits of resetting your National Policy, take a look at National Policy and the Importance of Resetting. It covers everything you’ll need to know.

C. Mission Rewards and Command Center Requirements

As you’ve likely noticed by now, upgrading your Command Center requires more than just resources. It typically requires you to upgrade two other buildings before you can start construction on the Command Center. It is important to save the rewards you receive from completing these requirements. The Mission Rewards are usually pretty hefty! If you collect them too soon you run the risk of either accidentally spending too much or even worse, being attacked and losing resources. Unlike Daily Rewards that expire after 24 hours, Mission Rewards don’t expire. You can leave them unclaimed for as long as you like. They also can’t be lost if you’ve been attacked, so think of your Mission Rewards area as a savings account and a safe zone for resources. Save these Mission Rewards until you’re ready for your next upgrade and you’ll have plenty of resources to begin construction on your Command Center.

You’ve probably noticed that the majority of Missions require you to upgrade a building. If you look closely, you’ll see that after upgrading your Command Center there are a few missions that consist of different tasks like killing a certain number of Pirates or Harvesting a certain amount of resources. Let’s call these Missions “Gap Fillers”. Save these Mission Rewards as well. As you reach higher levels, the Mission Rewards for upgrading buildings won’t be quite enough to cover the costs to upgrade your Command Center. These “Gap Fillers” will be imperative to cover the remaining costs for upgrades. A good rule of thumb is to claim a specific building reward only to upgrade that same building; The Gap Fillers should cover the rest.

One last thing that should be mentioned… During all of this, you should be participating in as many events as you can. You should also harvest as much as possible. It’s always a good idea to harvest during your downtime. So there you have it. The recipe for upgrading your Command Center quickly and efficiently. Follow these 3 guidelines and you’ll be one of the strongest nations in the galaxy in no time!

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