Heroes: Council or Keep?

Written by: Dan Barker

Summary (TL;DR) 

  1. Only keep A-Grade or S-Grade Heroes.
  2. C-Grade and B-Grade Heroes can be kept until a better Hero is found.
  3. Keep A-Grade or S-Grade building Heroes that offer two Skills for a specific building.
  4. C-Grade Heroes should be sent to Council.
  5. B-Grade Heroes with mixed building Skills should be sent to the Council.
  6. A-Grade Heroes with mixed building Skills should be sent to the Council.
  7. S-Grade Heroes should always be kept unless it’s a duplicate.
  8. A-Grade and S-Grade battle Heroes should always be kept unless a better combination is found.
  9. Only appoint A-Grade and S-Grade battle Heroes as Fleet Commanders.
  10. C-Grade = 1 point
  11. B-Grade = 2 points
  12. A-Grade = 3 points
  13. S-Grade = 15 points
  14. The Council unlocks when you reach Command Center level 9.

How do we know when it’s a good idea to send a Hero to Council or not? Some of the Heroes are very useful, while many are not. So which is which? Let’s first take a look at our Council to better understand why it’s important to send those unwanted Heroes there.

Here we can see that your Council consists of five different categories; Militant, Economic, Science, Diplomacy, and Personnel. Respectively, each category offers a specialized effect, and the power of that effect increases as the number of Heroes assigned to it increases. There’s some good stuff in there! 

Let’s look a bit closer…


- Militant Council is one of my personal favorites. It increases the ship capacity of Non-Flagships. This means it increases the number of ships you can send out to cause mayhem in the Galaxy! A very useful advantage if you like raiding planets and slaughtering pirates! In this game, size matters. Bigger is definitely better

- We all know how costly upgrades become throughout the game. Worry not my friends, with an increase in production speed for all of your resources, Economic Council will definitely help lighten the load.

- What good does having a ton of ships and high levels do if they’re all weak? Nothing! As you probably know by now, your research facility provides buffs and enhancements in many different facets of the game and it can be quite time consuming to research all of them. Beefing up your Science Council offers an increased research speed so you can zip through all those tiers and become a top dog in no time!

- Contributing to your Federation Research is essential to running a powerful federation. It also provides you with a contribution score. Show your Federation that you’re a loyal member and increase your contribution score gains by investing in your Diplomacy Council. Don’t forget those Federation Marks too! You’ll have plenty to spend in the Federation Store.

- Why not use your unwanted Heroes to help out the Heroes you’ve decided to keep? By leveling up your Personnel Council you’ll increase the experience gained for all those awesome Heroes you’ve appointed throughout your planet.

Each Hero has a grading system; C-Grade, B-Grade, A-Grade and S-Grade. While C and B grade Heroes aren’t completely useless, they’re typically short term Heroes to be used early on in the game. I like to refer to them as Council Bound Heroes, but if you’re just starting out with Astrokings, you should be weary of what you send to Council, you may lose something useful.

For the sake of this guide, let’s assume you have a decent understanding of Heroes and their skills. While they only provide one point, C-Grade Heroes are your best friend when it comes to Council binding. They simply don’t offer enough for long term use in the game, and you can only upgrade the skill to level 30. I always throw my C-Grade Heroes directly into whatever Council I’m currently working on without even looking. Maybe the only exception would be the Quick Harvester skill but even then, you’ll eventually find a higher grade Hero with that skill.

B-Grade Heroes are typically the same, although, there are some cases I might save a B-Grade Hero if it offers something I don’t currently have, but not too often. So those puppies get bound pretty quickly as well. If you find a B-Grade Hero with two skills for the same building, keep that puppy unless you have an A or S-Grade one with the same set of skills. B-Grade Heroes provide two points towards the Council.

A-Grade Heroes are where you really want to start pumping the brakes and pay attention to what you have before you send them off to Council. A-Grade Heroes provide three points toward the Council of your choice. Keep A-Grade Heroes that have two similar skills for a building and if you’re lucky enough to find an A-Grade Hero with two building specific skills AND an Open Ministry skill, you’re in luck! Lock that hero immediately so you don’t accidentally send it to Council. Any A-Grade Heroes I find that have unrelated skills get tossed into Council. Here’s an example of a council bound A-Grade Hero.

S-Grade Heroes offer a whopping 15 points towards Council! Don’t get too excited though, they are very rare and offer skills that no other Heroes can match. The only time I would toss an S-Grade Hero into council would be if I had an exact duplicate that couldn’t be used elsewhere. Otherwise, keep those bad boys at all costs.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of both Council binding and which Heroes to keep or not keep. I don’t even want to think about how many awesome Heroes I accidentally sent to Council without knowing. Let my mistakes be your guide!

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