National Policy & The Importance of Resetting

Written by: Dan Barker


Summary (TL;DR)

1Before Upgrading Buildings

- Choose Capitalism and the sub-policy Materialism to drastically reduce construction costs. 

- Liberalism also provides an increase in Construction speed when the Scientific Revolution sub-policy is activated.

2. Before Fighting Pirates

- Activate the entirety of Despotism as well as the sub-policy named Labor Facilities within Socialism for a slew of buffs involving Pirates.

3. Before Building Ships 

- Activate the entirety of Socialism as well as the entirety of Militarism for the ultimate Fleet Factory experience.

4. Before Researching

- Activating the entirety of Capitalism along with the entirety of Rationalism will make researching a breeze.

5. Offensive Planetary Raids (solo)

- Under Socialism, activate all of the sub-policies except for Labor Facilities and Isolationism. Then activate just those five sub-policies in the middle row of Militarism for a much stronger force to be reckoned with.

6. Defensive Planetary Raids (solo)

- Under Capitalism activate the sub-policy named, Economic League to boost your fleet resistance. Now head to Rationalism and activate everything but Local Community and Civil Defense System. Your enemies will barely leave a scratch while you’re raiding their precious resources.

7. Offensive Planetary Raids (rally)

- For an offensive approach while rallying, use the same setup as “offensive solo” but activate Elite Troops under Militarism and either Volunteer Army under Liberalism, or Royal Bodyguards under Despotism.

8. Defensive Planetary Raids (rally)

- For a defensive approach while rallying, apply the same setup as “defensive solo” but activate Mercenary System under Capitalism and either Volunteer Army under Liberalism, or Royal Bodyguards under Despotism.

9. Extra Protection for your Planet

- Make sure Trader Alliance and Urbanization are activated under Capitalism and activate everything under Rationalism so you can rest easier at night.

Those are some of the most useful setups for National Policy. Another helpful tip to remember too is that the policies on the left are generally meant for planetary growth and protection/defense. While the policies on the right offer an increase in strength and are intended for players that want to battle/fight or increase rewards and event rankings. Higher level players will likely have more than enough Policy Points to achieve some of those setups, so don’t let any Policy Points go unused.

National policy is an extremely important aspect of the game. By setting it up a certain way, you can either save tons of resources and time, become an insanely powerful force to be reckoned with, or a combination of both. National Policy is broken down into 3 tiers. In each tier, you get to choose one of two opposing political standings. Once you choose, you won't be able to access the benefits from the other, so choose wisely. Upon selecting a National Policy, you'll be able to enforce sub-policies that offer certain buffs for your nation. Additionally, each policy offers a bonus buff. The bonus buff increases when more sub-policies are enforced. These sub-policies require Policy Points which are obtained whenever your commander or command center gain a level.

Following is a list of each tier and the National Policies they offer as well as their bonus buffs, the Sub-Policy buffs each National Policy provides and the cost of each Sub-Policy.

Production speed for all resources is increased with each enforced Sub-Policy.
Rewards for defeating pirates are increased with each enforced Sub-Policy.
Fleet Loadage +10%
Pirate Battle Marching Speed +15%
Free Trade
Maximum Metal Production +25%
Imperial Research Facility
Fleet Evasion During Pirate Combat +5%
Rallied Unit Count +1
Rallied Unit Count +1
Maximum Gold Production +25%
Citizen Control System
Maximum Gold Production +25%
Pioneer Spirit
Metal Production +15%
Gunboat Diplomacy
Maximum Metal Production +25%
Volunteer Army
Deployable Fleets +1
Royal Bodyguards
Deployable Fleets +1
Gold Production +15%
Mobilization Order
Item Drop Rate from Pirates +20%
Laissez-faire Regimen
Harvest Marching Speed +15%
Powerful Empire
Fleet Attack Power During Pirate Combat +5%
Scientific Revolution
Construction Speed +5%
Building an Empire
Marching Speed +5%

Research costs are decreased with each enforced Sub-Policy.
Ship production costs are decreased with each enforced Sub-Policy.
Metal Harvest Speed +10%
Fleet Loadage During Planet Raids +15%
10Entrepreneur Spirit
Thonium Harvest Speed +10%
10Clandestine Operation
Ship Repair Costs Decreased -15%
10Mercenary System
Rallied Unit Count +1
10Party Leadership
Rallied Unit Count +1
10Industrial Spy
Ship Repair Costs Decreased -2%
10Labor Facilities
Fleet Durability During Pirate Combat +5%
20Economic League
Fleet Resistance +5%
20Spy Satellite
Fleet Accuracy +5%
20Trader Alliance
Number of Troops that can be Supported +1
20Socialist Realism
Number of Troops that can be Supported +1
Resources Lost when Planetary Defense Fails -20%
Resources Lost when Planetary Defense Fails -20%
40Galaxy Exploration Fund
Dark Matter Harvest Speed +10%
40Vladimir Plan
Fleet Attack Speed +5%
Construction Costs Decreased -10%
80Galactic Hero
Deployed Fleet Limit +10%

Research speeds are increased with each enforced Sub-Policy.
Shipbuilding speed is increased with each enforced Sub-Policy.
Fleet Durability During Planetary Defense +10%
Fleet Attack Power During Planetary Raid +10%
10Civil Defense System
Number of Troops that can be Supported +1
10Military Politics
Number of Troops that can be Supported +1
10Dual Production
Damaged Ship Storage +15%
Damaged Ship Storage +15%
10Basic Science Research
Fleet Evasion +5%
10Military Academy
Hero EXP Gain +10%
20Local Community
Resources Protected at Resource Storage Facility +10%
20Iron Curtain
Resources Protected at Resource Storage Facility +10%
20Cultural Diplomacy
Ship Repair Speed +15%
Ship Production Rate +10%
20CRUX Technology Research
Prevent Fleet Destruction +10
20Elite Troops
Marching Speed when Joining Rallies +15%
40Thonium Guild
Fleet Resistance +5%
40Hero Worship
Enemy Fleet Damage Rate +10
80New Deal Policy
Fleet Durability +5%
80Praises of War
Fleet Attack Power +5%

Now that we can take a better look at each Policy and what they offer, let's figure out how and when to apply them. If you're just starting the game and don't have many Policy Points to spend, your best bet is to lean towards Policies that offer a boost in resource production such as Liberalism. This will help you advance quickly and start building up more Policy Points. Remember, Policy Points are only earned by leveling up your Commander and/or Command Center. If you're a more advanced player and have a decent amount of Policy Points, there are many things you can do. This is when resetting your National Policy becomes highly valuable.

Here are a couple of examples:


As you've noticed, costs of construction significantly increase as you advance throughout the game. It becomes more and more difficult to afford upgrading buildings. A great way to reduce construction costs is by resetting and adjusting your National Policy. Take a close look at Tier II, Capitalism. The last Sub-Policy, Materialism, provides a 10% discount on construction costs. If you have at least 155 Policy points, you can activate this discount. Before you begin construction on a building, reset your National Policy and activate Materialism. This discount alone will significantly reduce costs of construction. If you also have a Construction Manager Hero Skill appointed to your Command Center, it will drastically reduce the costs of construction saving you tons of resources for other important missions! Once construction has started, feel free to reset your Policy back to however you like. That's one example of the benefits of resetting your National Policy.


Defeating Pirates is an excellent way to obtain resources and many other types of loot. They're also part of one of the main events called Maintain Order in the Galaxy which offers many other rare rewards for defeating pirates. Let's take a look at each tier and how adjusting your National Policy would benefit you while hunting and killing pirates. Tier I, Despotism offers many buffs for hunting pirates including marching speed, fleet evasion, fleet attack power and item drop rate. Despotism also offers a bonus of increased rewards while battling pirates. Tier II, Socialism also offers a Sub-Policy that provides increased durability during Pirate combat. With those buffs combined, you will be an unstoppable force against Pirates!

Now that you understand the importance of resetting and adjusting your National Policy, try out different combinations for different results. As shown above, some combinations work well for hunting Pirates or reducing Construction costs, while other combinations could help boost your Research Facility, aide in planetary raids, or even help with defending your planet against raids. Be sure to purchase Policy Reset's as often as you can. They really are worth their weight in gold! Or crystals for that matter.

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