Hello Commanders,

This is SUNNY, Project Director of ASTROKINGS. 

We’ve been fixing bugs and constantly optimizing our game but we still feel that we’re still far from meeting our players’ expectations and we are truly sorry for that. However, we are expecting that the upcoming update will be a step closer to our goal. We’ll be sharing the current developments and preparations that we’ve been working on. 


1. Tenebris

On the 26th of October, the first-ever Tenebris war begins.  Tenebris is the name of the wormhole control system in the galaxy which serves as a gateway to move out of the galaxy and could bring great honor and power to its controller. Tenebris is located in the center of the galaxy and protected by 6 satellites. If you have what it takes to be the mightiest Commander of the galaxy, you will be able to have a chance to win this battle once every 4 weeks. However, several new or latest servers may not be able to wage in this battle as there are war conditions to consider. 

Winning the war will give you control of the Tenebris and will have the ability to distribute rewards to other war participants and appoint the Commanders who will be in charge of controlling the 6 satellites. This would provide special features to trigger powerful buffs and send messages to the entire galaxy. 

More information will be provided on our upcoming update notice.  

2. PvP System Improvements

We have recently gathered our community’s ideas about protecting the new and low-level players and have based the countermeasures on your feedback. 

First, when a planet has been attacked by a Commander who has 15 or more levels higher and incurred a certain amount of damages, a temporary planetary protection shield will be activated to prevent further damages. The strong ones may not agree but as a result, the vulnerable planets will have the chance to grow and compete with the strong ones which could lead to a more ideal balance and direction. 

The number of resources looted from raids is currently minimal but we are evaluating the measures to improve the supply and demand balance for resources. 

3. Ship Enhancement

Currently, ship enhancements were not applied to the National Power. We are planning to ensure that the results of strengthening the ships and the proportion of resources input will be reflected on your National Power after the upcoming update. 

4. New Events

New and better rotation events will be implemented on our upcoming update. We’ve also prepared our 4th quarter events - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Stay tuned for these events!

5. Screen Ratio: Full-Screen Support

The game will finally be available in full-screen mode on several devices. However, in the upcoming update, the UI (User Interface) may seem to appear slightly distorted so this will be optional at the moment. In the near future, we are aiming to provide full-screen support on all devices. 

6. Network Performance

The overall network performance of the game will be further improved. The current performance is still far from the expectations that we’re aiming but with our continuous efforts and a few more updates, you will be able to see more progress. 

7. New Flagship Equipment and Formation

Currently, the ship’s status has been more focused on defense, and the formation becomes somewhat monotonous. So, we will be developing a new Flagship Equipment to enable more roles and we’re also preparing for the new fleet formation to improve the use of Flagship. 

8. Ancient Relic

Mankind begins to reclaim their lost skills that have been handed down from ancient times. As a result, each planet can collect Ancient Relics and gain powerful new abilities.  

9. Other Improvements

Preparations to features that have been constantly demanded are on-going – fleet replays and battle report sharing. Our team is developing and improving ASTROKINGS with the support, feedback, and suggestions of our Commanders. 


Our team is taking a careful approach to make sure this does not affect your efforts and the game’s balance. In the end, our goal is to provide content that would give you a new and fun experience. Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us and we’ll make sure to provide you a better experience. 


Thank you to all Commanders!