Hello Commanders, 

ASTROKINGS Exclusive Official Charging Center is now open!

To prioritize your safety, we've compiled an FAQ for your convenience. Please feel free to consult it as needed.

※ Please note that some content may change in the future, and we will notify you of any changes through announcements.

▶ ASTROKINGS Official Charging Center FAQ

Q. What is Astonium and where can I use it?

A. Astonium is a currency that can be used in all services available for purchase and recharge in ASTROKINGS. 

Q. Where can I purchase Astonium?

A. Astonium can be purchased from the in-game package shop or the ASTROKINGS Official Charging Center.

Q.  Where can I access the ASTROKINGS Official Charging Center?

A. The ASTROKINGS Official Charging Center can be accessed through the ASTROKINGS website (https://www.playastrokings.com/).

[PC Version]

[Mobile Version]

Q. Can I purchase items other than Astonium at the Official Charging Center?

A. No, you can only purchase Astonium currency at the Official Charging Center.

Q. How do I log in to the Official Charging Center?

A. You can log in by entering the user number from your commander information within the ASTROKINGS game. After logging in, please make sure that the commander's name matches!

Q. I purchased Astonium at the Official Charging Center but did not receive it.

A.  Astonium purchased at the Official Charging Center is directly delivered to your in-game mailbox. Please check your mailbox.

Q. Can I purchase Astonium at the Official Charging Center during ASTROKINGS maintenance?

A. No, Astonium purchases at the Official Charging Center are also restricted during ASTROKINGS maintenance.

Q. I cannot find a way to purchase Astonium or check my Astonium balance in the game.

A. You can check your Astonium balance when the 'Use Astonium' button is activated in the package shop. You can purchase Astonium by selecting the + button next to your balance.

Q. Why is Astonium recharge not supported on the platform version I am using?

A. Due to policy and technical reasons specific to each platform, in-game Astonium recharge may not be supported on certain platforms. If your platform does not support Astonium recharge, you can recharge and use it at the Official Charging Center.

Q. What is the difference between Astonium purchased in-game and Astonium purchased from the Official Charging Center?

A. They are exactly the same. However, in the Official Charging Center, discounts are applied, allowing you to purchase Astonium at a lower price.

Q. Is it possible to get a refund for Astonium?

A. Refunds for Astonium are subject to the terms of service of ASTROKINGS and the policies of the platform you made the purchase from. Refund conditions may vary depending on the country of purchase and the payment method used. For more details, please inquire via ticket.

Q. What is the Official Charging Center exclusive promotion code, and how can I receive it?

A. It is issued during special events. If the conditions are met and the code is issued, it will be delivered through separate instructions, such as game mail. 

Q. Can I earn event points for the in-game 'Purchase Appreciation Event' by purchasing Astonium at the official charging center?

A. No. You cannot earn event points for the 'Purchase Appreciation Event' by purchasing Astonium. This also applies to purchasing Astonium in-game. However, if you purchase a package using Astonium, you can earn event points for the 'Purchase Appreciation Event'.

We will keep working to provide our commanders with a range of features in ASTROKINGS.

Thank you for your continuous support.