Hello Commanders, 

As previously announced on September 20, 2023, we have observed an increasing number of commanders losing their accounts by either playing the game without linking their accounts or unlinking their accounts.

In particular, for guest accounts, since they are saved on the device, data on the device can be moved, deleted, or tampered with due to device loss, factory resets,  cache and data deletions, etc. This can result in the loss of account information.

After the update, we have identified an issue where some cached data may not be recognized in certain environments due to data patching. Therefore, we kindly request that you download the patch and proceed with your gameplay.

Additionally, if you lose your account while in guest status, it may be challenging for us to provide assistance related to the account. Therefore, we strongly recommend that commanders playing in guest status proceed with account linking before continuing with gameplay.

 Go to How do I link my account? 

※ Note 

- For Android, maintenance was carried out on September 27th, and patches were carried out simultaneously.

- In the case of iOS, the patch was registered on September 28th due to the App Store review process, so please access the store and update the game once it's available.

Thank you.