Hello Commanders, 

The heroes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These have returned to the ASTROKINGS' universe with their flagships. We have prepared descriptions of the new collaboration flagships and heroes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These to make it easier for you to get to know them.

▶ Introducing the Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These New Flagships



 PVP: ★4.8/5.0

 PVE: ★4.6/5.0


- It is a missile-type flagship with both a lance and a shield, making it a balanced type of flagship.

- When all flagship effects are activated, it gains additional penetration power, making its attacking position even more vital.

- By activating the DNA Tunnel with 'Odd-Eye' Reuenthal, the attack speed and attack power of the missile fleet increase when attacking enemy planets.



 PVP: ★4.8/5.0

 PVE: ★3.7/5.0


- It is a flagship optimized for planetary defense by increasing resistance and reducing fleet damage.

- Activating the DNA Tunnel through the 'Miraculous' Yang Wen-li can increase damage to enemy fleets invading the planet.

▶ Introducing the Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These New Heroes

1. 'Marshal' Reinhard


 PVP: ★4.9/5.0

 PVE: ★4.3/5.0


 - A hero who can lead stable battles by decreasing the enemy's abilities.

 - At the start of the battle, it increases or decreases the range between the enemy and oneself, allowing for preemptive attacks. It also enhances attack abilities.

 - The skill 'Plasma Interference' reduces the enemy's attack abilities, reducing the damage received by allies.

 - The skill 'Stealth Assault' keeps the main attack squad from being attacked and also reduces the resistance of enemy fleets. It is a skill that can fulfill both offense and defense.

2. 'Ace Pilot' Kempff


 PVP: ★4.0/5.0

 PVE: ★3.0/5.0


 - Through specialized skills, it enhances allies' attack abilities, allowing for significant damage to be inflicted on enemy fleets.

 - It possesses the skill to increase the 'Enemy Fleet Destruction Rate', which is effective when participating in battles aimed at destroying enemy fleets.

3. 'Guest Admiral' Merkatz


 PVP: ★3.0/5.0

 PVE: ★4.0/5.0


- Through specialized skills, it increases the attack power of allied cruisers.

- By using the skills "Stealth" and "Confusion" appropriately, it can effectively attack powerful enemies.

4.  'Logistics Pro' Caselnes


- If appointed as the Minister of the Exchange Center, the following attributes increase, making it effective when using cruisers as attack ships: Fleet Size / Fleet Marching Speed / Cruiser Attack Power

Create the strongest fleet with the new flagships and heroes from Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These in the ASTROKINGS universe!

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