< Imperial Federation War Registration Conditions > 


- Only federation members with a G4 or higher rank can register to participate in the Imperial Federation War and modify information. 

- To register for the Imperial Federation War, you must have at least 10 affiliated federation members and the total national power of the federation members must be at least 1 billion. 

< Conditions to participate in the Imperial Federation War > 


- Participation Requirement : Command Center Level 25 

- Regular Member : Max of 20 / 10 users must be registered as regular participating members. 

- Reserve Member : Max of 5 / Reserve members cannot enter the Imperial Federation War during the battle waiting period.



※ Note

You can freely modify the list of participating federation members and the match schedule until the registration period for the Imperial Federation War ends.

Federation members registered on the list cannot leave or be expelled from the federation until the end of the Imperial Federation War.

The Imperial Federation War is designed to be matched with a federation that does not have a large difference in national power, 

so the battle may take place at a time you did not select when registering, so be sure to check the final match time.

▶ Imperial Federation War Registration


① Access the game and go to the Event page 

② Select the 'Imperial Federation War' event from the Event list and tap the "ENTER" button 

③ Tap the "ENROLLMENT" button 

④ After selecting the member level on the registration list page, select the number of participants as "regular" or " reserve" and tap the "ENROLLMENT" button 

⑤ On the screen, select 2 or more match schedules on the registration screen abd tap the "ENROLLMENT" button 

⑥ Check the details registered in the "Imperial Federation War"