ASTROKINGS fleet slots are provided by default, and additional slots can be added according to certain conditions.

ASTROKINGS Fleet Slots (Up to 6 slots)

- Default 2 slots

- "National Policy" 1 slot

- "VIP Level 6" 1 slot

- "Deployed Fleets I" research 1 slot

- "Fleet Mgmt. Increase" item 1 slot


If the fleet slots were reduced after resetting the national policy, the policy with the 'number of deployed fleet +1" was not selected. This is mostly the case, so please check the selected policies. 

▶ National Policy - Number of deployed fleet +1 selection & confirmation

① Select the "Command Center" in planet view 

② Select the "Policy" from the "Command Center" menu 

③ Select and confirm the national policy that you want between "Liberalism" & "Despotism" under tier I 

④ Select "Royal Bodyguards" from "Despotism" or "Volunteer Army" from "Liberalism“

※ To proceed with the selection of "Royal Bodyguard" or "Volunteer Army" policy, you must select and unlock the preceding policies.