You can check and change the settings through the "Account" page located at the "Commander Info" screen under "Settings".

▶ How to unlink an account

① Select the "Commander Info" menu at the top left of the planet view 

② Select the “Settings” menu at the bottom left of the “Commander Info” screen 

③ Select "Account" from the "Settings" menu 

④ Select the "Unlink Account" after checking the precautions from the "Account" page 

⑤ Select 'OK' after confirming the precautionsm to unlink the account 

⑥ Check the link status of the account

※ Note 

- If you lose an account that has been converted to guest status after unlinking your account, it may not be recoverable. 

- As the account-linking system for iOS is unified with Apple ID, it would no longer be possible to re-link the account to Game Center once you've unlinked it.