The 2021-22 Prestige Shop will remain open until 00:00 on December 22, 2022, after which the 2023 Prestige Shop will open.

Please note that the 2021-22 Prestige Tokens acquired in 2021 and 2022 can only be used while the 2021-22 Prestige Shop is available.

▶ How to Check the 2021-22 Prestige Shop Availability Period

① After logging into the game, select the “Event” menu

② Check the availability period of the “2021-22 Prestige Shop” through the Event menu

※ Note

- Once the 2021-22 Prestige Shop closes, 2021-22 Prestige Tokens can no longer be used in the 2023 Prestige Shop.

- Purchased "Ravana" Flagship Blueprints and "Agent Freya" DNA elements from the 2021-22 Prestige Shop can still be used to build/promote the flagship and recruit/enhance the hero even if the shop closes.