Q : Are there any benefits for new commanders?

For commanders who are playing the game for the first time in ASTROKINGS, the “New Commander Support” event is initiated.

Get the rewards from the “New Commander Support” and try to progress even faster.

※ The “New Commander Support” event runs for 15 days, and confirmation and rewards cannot be obtained after the 15th day.

▶ How to check the “New Commander Support” event and obtain rewards

① After logging into the game, select the “WELCOME” event menu at the top right

② Check and select the “New Commander Support” in the “Event” menu

③ Check the achievement conditions and rewards of the selected event 

(You can check and get the rewards on the screen for missions that have been completed.)

※ Note

For the “New Commander Support” event, you can check the remaining time in the menu, 

and you can also check the end date of the event by selecting the event on the calendar screen of the schedule menu.