Q : I could not find the First Purchase Bonus S-grade hero Liwei. (Missing Liwei)

The S-grade hero “Liwei”, which is given as ASTROKINGS’ “First Purchase Bonus” reward is not directly recruited in the Academy upon purchase.”Liwei” hero recruitment ticket is received through the inventory.

After receiving the rewards on the “First Purchase Bonus” page, check the “Liwei” Hero Recruit Ticket in the inventory and use it.

▶ How to check the “First Purchase Bonus” S-grade hero “Liwei”

① After logging into the game, go to the “Package Shop” menu at the top right

② On the “First Purchase Bonus” page, select the “Receive Bonus” at the bottom right

③ In Planet View, select “Inventory”

④ After receiving the “Liwei” Hero Recruit Ticket in the “Inventory”, tap the “Use” button