Q : I experienced severe lag while playing the game

If the Astrokings game is installed/updated normally,

this may be due to insufficient specifications of the mobile device or a lot of memory being used by the mobile device.

Try setting the game's graphic settings to “Low” or adjusting the options to suit your device specifications.

▶ How to change ASTROKINGS graphics settings

① After logging into the game, go to the “Commander Info” screen at the top left

② Select the “Setting” menu at the bottom of left of the “Commander Info” screen

③ Select the “Option” from the “Setting” menu

④ Set the “Graphic Preset’ option from the “Option” menu to “Low” or adjust the option to suit the device specifications

⑤ Return to the previous screen (Save by selecting “OK” in the “Do you want to apply the changed setting?” 

that appears after returning to the previous page)

※ If the lag is still experienced even after changing the game settings, please reinstall or use the “Refresh” feature.