Hello Commanders,

Here are the details of ASTROKINGS' upcoming maintenance.

Note: The content or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes.

Maintenance Schedule: 2022/09/13 23:50 - 2022/09/14 04:00 AM UTC

1. Event End Notice

- The following events will end on 2022/09/13 23:50 UTC:

1. Secure Trade Goods I

2. Secure Trade Goods II

3. Real Deal

2. New Events

Event Schedule: 2022/09/14 (after maintenance) - 2022/09/27 23:50 UTC

2-1. Intro to Clone's Rebellion

A clone project has been secretly carried out at a laboratory in ASTROKINGS universe. 

The goal of the project was to collect the DNA of excellent heroes, create clones, and train them to create weapons to be used in battle. However, it becomes difficult to control the countless clones and eventually the clones start to revolt and become a threat to the ASTROKINGS universe.

Having obtained this information, the E.M.U. puts a wanted bounty and commissions the commanders to eliminate the clones...

<Wanted Poster Source>

1. Clone's Rebellion - Sweep Mission

2. Clone's Rebellion - Wanted Pirate Mission

3. Clone's Rebellion Wanted Package

※ Some clones can be very powerful and may require special strategies to attack.

※ Completing the high-level wanted pirates could earn you a random equipment blueprint box."

2-2. Clone's Rebellion

Clear the event wanted pirates to get the items!

<How to earn points>

1. 3 points when defeating space pirates

2. 8 points when defeating pirate bases

3. 50 points when clearing the Event Wanted Pirate Ex1

4. 75 points when clearing the Event Wanted Pirate Ex2

5. 100 points when clearing the Event Wanted Pirate Ex3

6. 125 points when clearing the Event Wanted Pirate Ex4

7. 200 points when clearing the Event Wanted Pirate Ex5

8. 500 points when clearing the Event Wanted Pirate Ex6

9. 1000 points when clearing the Event Wanted Pirate Ex7

※ Unused 'Clone Fleet Wanted Poster' items after the event will be converted to 'Wanted Poster' items with a similar level of difficulty (Max threat level 20).

2-3. Clone's Rebellion - Sweep Mission

Defeat the space pirates and pirate bases daily to earn rewards!

2-4. Clone's Rebellion - Complete Daily Missions

Complete daily missions every day and get rewards!

2-5. Clone's Rebellion - Wanted Pirate Mission

Battle with the wanted pirates daily to earn rewards!

3. Interspace Improvements

3-1. Sector Invasion UX & Long-distance Movement

1) Addition of 'Attack Order' permission to the corps commander

An attack command function has been added to make it easier and faster to invade the enemy's sector.

- The corps commander can designate the sector of the enemy forces to invade on the interspace map.

- An attack order can be issued to a sector occupied by an ally and an enemy sector adjacent to it.

- The corps commander who issued the attack order is changed to an invasion standby state.

2) Added 'attack move' function for faction members

- In the sector designated as an attack order, members can apply to participate in the attack for a certain period of time, and when the attack starts, it automatically enters the battlefield using the move function.

3) Added 'defense move' function for faction members


- Members of the forces that have been invaded by the attack order can move to the relevant sector through a defense move.

- The defense move does not have a separate waiting time.

4) Long-distance Movement

- Long-distance movement is possible even in the invasion sector.

- For long-distance travel, you can select the desired arrival gate.

3-2. Interspace Annihilation Condition Changes

As Interspace's repair costs are removed, the annihilation conditions associated with flagships will change.

- Before: If all the flagships of the expedition are damaged and the number of available ships is less than 1000, they are classified as annihilated.

- After: If the number of available ships of the expedition is less than 1000, it is classified as annihilated.

3-3. Interspace Invasion Wait Time Adjustment

- The invasion wait time in Interspace has been adjusted to 10 minutes.

4. UX Improvements

4-1. Federation List and Withdrawal 

- Federation recommendation and sorting methods from the federation list displayed when joining a federation are improved. 

- The sorting method for the federations displayed in the 'Find Federation' is changed in order of national power.

- The federation's activity status has been added to the federation's info. 

4-2. Attack Alert Filter

- A function to ignore the attack alert of enemies below a certain level is added in the 'Options' menu.

5. Tenebris Adjustments

- The duration of the Tenebris Battle has been adjusted from 8 hours to 4 hours. 

- The start time of the Tenebris Battle has been adjusted as follows:
A Type: 12AM, 4AM, 1PM UTC

B Type: 7AM UTC

※ The Tenebris battle start time type is automatically set for each server based on various data of users in the server.

6. Others

- Chat emoticons are added.

- The duration of the enhancement display when continuously enhancing the flagship equipment has been reduced. 

- The name of the collaboration flagship that uses the upgrade modules will be displayed on the item description. 

- Fixed minor text & errors.