Hello Commanders, 

First of all, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the emergency maintenance. 

We'd like to share the information about today's maintenance. 

▶️ 8/4 Emergency Maintenance

- Detailed confirmation and correction of the errors related to the Tenebris Battle issue that occurred on 7/30

- Additional retrieval work for excessively acquired items and compensation for the target users

▶️ Tenebris Battle Issue Info

1. In the Tenebris Battle on 7/30, the issue related to the excessive acquisition of the 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' exceeding the limit of 500,000 was observed in some rally battles. It was confirmed that the 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' was excessively paid to the commanders. The confirmation and correction for this issue have been completed. 

2. The entire verification process has been completed for the incident on 7/30 where the 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' were acquired and used in excess of the limit of 500,000. The final retrieval process has proceeded. 

▷ During the process, the previously held 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' and items acquired using the token before the 7/30 Tenebris Battle event were not removed or retrieved. 

3. For commanders who acquired more than 500,000 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' on 7/30, we've checked the ship repair and boost usage related to the acquisition of the 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token'. Compensations were sent to the inventory on today's emergency maintenance.

4. Please note that all errors related to the Tenebris Battle on 7/30 have been verified and corrected, and the maximum quantity of items and compensations are provided to prevent further damages. 

▶️ Tenebris Battle 2nd Compensation

- Due to the inconvenience caused by the issue related to the Tenebris Battle on 7/30, we are providing additional compensation to all the commanders who participated during the said event. The compensation will be sent through in-game mail. 


1. Black Stone x 3,000

2. Optional Ship Enhancement Material Box x 150

▶️ Compensation for all users

- As compensation for the inconvenience due to the emergency maintenance, we will be sending the following items by mail:

1. Galactic Empire Merit Token x 5

2. Free Planets Alliance Merit Token x 5

3. Light Dimension Rift Catalyst Pack x 10

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this experience caused due to the issue that occurred during the Tenebris Battle event. We will enhance our testing and QA process for the Tenebris Battle to prevent this issue from happening again. 

Thank you for your understanding.