Hello Commanders, 

In the Tenebris Battle on July 30, 2022, it was confirmed that the 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' payment did not normally proceed as intended. 

For this issue, a verification process was carried out targeting all the servers. We apologize for the delay in providing the compensation, as an additional issue was found during the process.

▶️  'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' Acquisition & Compensation Info

- Issue: Non-payment or abnormal acquisition of 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' during the Tenebris Battle on July 30, 2022

1. Non-payment of 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' 

- After checking the data for Tenebris Battle, the unpaid 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' will be provided (up to 500,000 tokens)

▷ Unpaid 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' will be automatically sent to the inventory after the maintenance. 

2. Abnormal Acquisition of 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' 

- Abnormally obtained 'Tenebris Battle Merit Token' and retrieval of items purchased with the corresponding token

- For the 'command buff module' that has already been used, the process of reducing the command buff level of the corresponding flagship will be applied according to the amount used.

- As all 'Tenebris Battle Merit Tokens' acquired on July 30 are recovered, 500,000 tokens that would have been normally acquired will be re-issued by mail.

3. Compensation to all commanders who participated in the Tenebris Battle on July 30, 2022

- All commanders who participated in the Tenebris Battle will receive 'Tenebris Battle Victory Merit Token' x 50.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you've experienced due to the issue that occurred during the Tenebris Battle event. We will do our best to improve our game to provide a better service for our commanders. 

Thank you very much.