A Premium Pass is a ticket/pass used to unlock the Premium Rewards for a specific seasonal event. This will unlock the Premium Rewards instantly upon purchase. The event points should be completed to claim the rewards. This can usually be purchased once for the event. Once the premium pass has been purchased, this will be marked as sold out. 


- Once the premium rewards are unlocked, this cannot be reverted.

Where to purchase the PREMIUM PASS?

- Package Shop

- Event's Page (Green button with 'Purchase Premium Pass' text)

How to check if the product is a Premium Pass?

- Ticket icon is included on the product card

- The name of the product includes the words 'Premium Pass'

How to claim the Premium Rewards?

The event points for each reward item should be completed to claim the premium rewards. The event points for each reward item are available through the event's page. The items listed in the Premium Rewards section are the same items listed on the details of the Premium Pass. 


- The rewards for the event can only be claimed during the event period. Once the event ends, you will no longer be able to claim the reward items. 

- Unclaimed rewards cannot be retrieved after the event. 

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