Hello ASTROKINGS Commanders,

This is SUNNY, Project Director of ASTROKINGS. 

The INTERSPACE content update introduced through the previous developer's notes is coming. 

In ASTROKINGS, we are preparing the content update for INTERSPACE for our commanders to enjoy the game more and we are also continuously planning the updates for the game. 

There are still many shortcomings and various criticisms and encouragements but we are always motivated by the interest and support of our ASTROKINGS community. We thank all our commanders for your continuous support. 

We'd like to share more information about the INTERSPACE update. 

※More details about the INTERSPACE including the schedule will be posted on our July update notice. 

The restoration of the lost hiding place of mankind, INTERSPACE, has finally arrived. This special space has not only protected mankind from the CRUX in the past but also led mankind to prosperity. 

This place, disconnected by the invasion of the CRUX, will soon be connected to the galaxies of all mankind through Tenebris. 


INTERSPACE is a harsher environment than a typical galaxy, but it is also a place of useful infrastructure and heritage built by our ancestors. 

Humanity, scattered across different galaxies, is reunited here and is in a race to claim the legacy of its predecessors. 

In the initial stage of INTERSPACE restoration, the four major forces compete to occupy the sphere of influence (Region) centered on their respective strongholds. and the faction contribution obtained in the process can be exchanged for various rewards. 

The items that can be exchanged in the Interspace Faction Shop include a variety of high-end items such as T6 upgrade items, high-level equipment crafting materials, S-grade DNA elements, and more. 

In addition, if you achieve the highest contribution of each faction, you will gain command of the faction. 


To enter the INTERSPACE, at least 2 flagships of tier 5 (T5) or higher and 1,000 or more ships of tier 8 (T8), complete research (level 35)for the formation of expedition, and cost of sending the expedition through Tenebris. 

The max size of the fleet that can be dispatched to the expedition is 5 flagships, and the fleet operated by the expedition will be operated separately from the fleet slot of the home planet.

In the first expedition, the entire expedition fleet marches to Tenebris and travels to Interspace through Tenebris.

From then on, the home planet and the INTERSPACE where the expedition has advanced can be operated simultaneously by using the switch button.


Unlike the existing Galaxy, INTERSPACE has a limited navigable area in outer space.

The area that the expedition carrier can explore is limited to a certain area around the faction base and the lighthouse occupied in each sector.

In other words, in order to advance into a new realm, you must occupy a lighthouse that is neutral or owned by another faction together with the faction members.

On the one hand, the expedition carrier acts like a planet in INTERSPACE, and when it is completely destroyed, the expedition faction must retreat to its stronghold, so it must be well protected from enemy attacks.

The method of sending a fleet to attack the enemy in INTERSPACE is the same as the method used in the existing galaxy, and it is also possible to conduct a rallying attack with members of the same faction.


(We will be sharing the answers to the questions raised by our community.)

Q: Does the federation leader decides which faction to choose? Is it not possible to select it individually? Is it possible to change after selecting a faction?

A: When entering the INTERSPACE, you can individually select a faction, and if you leave the faction you joined, you will be able to select another faction again after the cooldown period has ended. 

Q: How to communicate with other commanders of the same faction?

A: When you enter the INTERSPACE, a dedicated chat channel will be available where members of the same faction can communicate. 

Q: How to identify factions in INTERSPACE?

A: It can be identified by the external color of the carrier and the fleet in the same way as the existing galaxy. The same faction is displayed in green, the other faction is displayed in red. All of the same factions, regardless of the federation they belong to, are considered allies. 

Q: Are federation mark and faction mark displayed separately?

A: All commanders who participated in INTERSPACE will be displayed with faction information and origin galaxy (server) information, except for federation information.

Q: What are the conditions for victory and duration of the battle?

A: The victory condition of the sector occupation war is to occupy all the "Citadel" of the core base lighthouse located in each sector.

There are 2 to 4 "Citadels" in each sector, and the duration of the sector war depends on the conditions.

The duration of the war in the neutral sector is until the time of the total occupation of all "Citadels" - that is, "indefinite".

Q: If a lighthouse or sector is occupied once, will it be permanently occupied? Or is it seasonal?

A: The general base lighthouse “Outpost” and the core lighthouse “Citadel” are strongholds that can be taken and taken from each other. As long as it is not taken back by the enemy, it becomes permanently occupied.

Q: I'm curious about how the carrier moves. Is movement within the occupied lighthouse area free?

A: If you select an empty space within the designated movable area, the expedition carrier will teleport, and there is no separate item consumption for movement.

However, moving the carrier and the entire fleet is given a preparation time (cooldown), so there may be restrictions on continuous movement in a short time.

Q: Does such a feature exist in interspace as a planetary protection shield?

A: Interspace's operations are centered on the carrier, not the planet, and there are no protection devices such as planetary protection shields.

Q: Is it possible to recover and repair the expedition team at any time, and will the actual number of ships decrease if the ship is destroyed by the expedition team?

A: The fleet dispatched to the expedition is of course not usable on the home planet because the actual fleet has moved.

Flagships, ships, and heroes that are needed on your home planet can only be used if they are returned to your home planet.

Conversely, if additional flagships, ships, and heroes are needed in the INTERSPACE, additional supplies can be sent from the home planet.

Also, flagships and ships damaged in the expedition can be repaired in the same way as when they were damaged in the existing galaxy.

Q: When will the expedition sent to INTERSPACE return? Do you need regular auto-return or return maintenance?

A: The expedition dispatched to INTERSPACE will return as soon as they leave the faction.

Damaged ships and flagships can be repaired even within the expedition, so there is no need to return to their home planet for maintenance.

However, in order to dispatch additional troops or to exchange troops with the home planet, the “Supply” and “Return” functions must be used.

Q: What additional benefits will the Tenebris Occupation League receive?

A: To enter INTERSPACE, use the imperial common route through Tenebris to INTERSPACE.

Each commander must pay the Tenebris usage fee and the route fee to the E.M.U. and the Tenebris Occupation League, respectively. As a result, the Tenebris occupant gets that revenue.

INTERSPACE will be an exciting battleground where the powerful commanders from all the galaxies gather, as we informed you through the previous developer notes.

It will be a space of unity where you can communicate and collaborate with commanders from other galaxies that have been completely disconnected until now.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to the commanders who continuously support and give their love to ASTROKINGS. 

We will do our best to release the content very soon for our commanders who are looking forward for the INTERSPACE content. 

Best regards,
Sunny Choi
Date: June 2021