Hello ASTROKINGS Commanders,

This is SUNNY, Project Director of ASTROKINGS

It has been more than 1,000 days since ASTROKINGS was introduced to the world. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our commanders who have supported ASTROKINGS. 

Following the last developer’s note, we would like to introduce more details along with the development status of the <Interspace> content and hear out the opinions of our commanders.

<Interspace> was originally the first hideout for humans to escape from the grip of the extraterrestrial force, CRUX. 

In contrast to the normal outer space, this is filled with gas and atypical dark matter, making it impossible to navigate normally which was a suitable hiding place against the alien forces. However, it was a place similar to an evacuation fortress that required much more effort in terms of development. 

As humanity continues to develop, it naturally emerged from this refuge and expanded its power to the surrounding galaxy until Emperor Banon abandoned his position and lost its status as the capital of the empire. <Interspace> was the home for the second generation of humans, who carried out the migration, and was the center of the realm of humanity.

Also, in A.D. 3450, the massive invasion of the CRUX, where all humanity was connected through the Tenebris, faced a complete severance. 

[Interspace Restoration]

Humanity has made efforts to restore the <Interspace> not just for the reason of economic benefits that can be obtained there. 

Humans have focused on the necessity of unifying into one humanity beyond the current state of disconnection to more effectively counter the alien force, the CRUX. 

Following the efforts of humanity, each galaxy will be able to advance to <Interspace> as before through the Tenebris at a not far point in time. 

[How to enter the Interspace?]

To advance to <Interspace>, a research project needs to be completed to advance to the <Interspace> through the research facility. When the research is complete, you will be able to dispatch an expedition (Armada) through the Tenebris. 

The expedition consists of one central carrier, multiple escort flagships, and combat ships. 

The central carrier serves as a headquarter in the airspace of <Interspace> at virtually the same level as the planet and it is the core force of the expedition that is deployed as the flagship of the expedition defense battle when an enemy invades. 

<Interspace> has a tougher space environment than a general galaxy, and only ships with a certain level are allowed to enter. Generally, it must be T5 or higher for flagships and T8 or higher for non-flagships. 

[Main Features]

In the outer area of <Interspace>, normal fleet navigation is impossible due to the influence of atypical dark matter.

Humanity has built space lighthouses and gates throughout the airspace of <Interspace> to overcome these limitations.

Expeditions can only settle in the safe area around this gate and the space lighthouse.

In particular, the space lighthouse is encrypted with a force identification code, the human fleet is allowed to move and access only when the power is confirmed.

This was originally a device designed to prevent forces other than humans from using the lighthouse, but ironically, it triggered a dispute over territory between humans.

[Interspace - Map Concept]

[Main Forces]

As the distinction of human forces is triggered in <Interspace>, when dispatching an expedition to use the lighthouse, it is necessary to decide which forces to belong to.

The forces formed in <Interspace> are largely divided into four factions, as follows.

Nebula Empire: The forces gathered around the dead Emperor Banon's clone for the resurrection of the Nebula Empire.

Imperium Guild: Independently differentiated from the top of E.M.U., which has taken over the empire's commercial power and performed various secret missions

Tetra AI: A.I. thinking body that controls Tetmès is the main force, to revive the first Empress 'Riya' through the Omega Plan and regaining control of Tetmès.

Free Space Pirates Alliance: A pirate force created by Captain Lukka.

[Interspace Area Dispute]

Each faction will give orders for occupation and defensive operations through the command to occupy an advantageous position in <Interspace> and will provide significant rewards for operational performance to encourage members to participate in the operation.

The ultimate goal of territorial disputes while spending a lot of operational costs here is to occupy important hidden strongholds in <Interspace>.

The main bases known to have been built by the first generation of immigrants in <Interspace> include <Tetmes Route Control> built in the center of <Interspace>, and several <Tetmes Wormhole Controls> that manage wormholes connected to other hidden spaces. There are also several facilities containing ancient artifacts discovered by the first emperor Riya.

Although the details have not yet been revealed, the heads of each faction will make various efforts to seize powerful alliances under their own to conquer the unknown world.

This is an overview of the <Interspace> content being prepared by the development team.

<Interspace> will be an exciting confrontation for all the strongest players in all galaxies and a space of integration where you can communicate and cooperate with the commanders of other galaxies who have been completely disconnected so far.

We are currently making every effort to prepare for the content update of <Interspace>, and we are aiming to present it to our commanders before our 3rd Anniversary.

Also, we will gather our community’s opinions as we proceed with the development process. Check the link for our community event and share your thought with us. 

Link: https://www.facebook.com/playastrokings/photos/a.268953743642075/962128214324621/

Thank you very much for your continuous support! 

Best regards,

Sunny Choi

Date: April 2021