Hello Commanders, 

First, we apologize for any inconvenience that you’ve experienced due to the recent in-game event. 

We will be sharing the actions taken on the abuse that occurred in the personal achievement and ranking of the Lost Technology I that took place from 2021/02/17 ~ 2021/03/03 (before the maintenance).

As the flagship game of ANGAMES, ASTROKINGS’s content is focused on expanding and scaling up our users’ experience through new content and events.

In the case of the event - Lost Technology I, this was developed with the aim of providing new content and event experience. As we focus on the development and balance of the event, the issue with the event structure has been confirmed with a delay and we sincerely apologize for this matter. 

Apart from the event’s structure issue, exploiting the existing design error or bug for personal gain is against the terms and conditions. All the items acquired from the Lost Technology I event’s ranking points and level 100 boxes will be retrieved. 


• Exploit errors in design, features that are not documented and/or bugs to gain access that would otherwise not be available; This includes the following: 

1. Creation of multiple accounts specifically to gain an unfair advantage related to the event 

2. Abuse of the system error or bugs to acquire items or points for personal gain

3. Acquiring items using multiple accounts, transferring, or converting items, etc. 


- Confirmed the accounts with the sole purpose of abusing or exploiting the event structure that was created between 2021/02/17 ~ 2021/03/03.

- Acquired event boxes were retrieved from the accounts that were confirmed to be created for the sole purpose of abusing or exploiting the event structure.

※ Notes

- For the ranking rewards provided after the maintenance on 2021/03/03, the correction has been applied. 

- No issues with the normal gameplay were confirmed. The creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of taking an unfair advantage on the event falls under the category of prohibited conduct/representation. 

- In the case of the accounts related to the abuse that violates the policies, it was confirmed that there was no individual development or growth in the accounts.

- For reference, the accounts related to this situation will not be blocked as the problem was confirmed to be related to the event’s structure. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding of these circumstances. We have prepared compensation for the inconvenience that you’ve experienced. All commanders will receive the following:

- Advanced Skill Element x 150

- New-type Skill Element x 300

- Recombinant DNA Element x 3

- Optional T4 SE Flagship Equipment Blueprint Box x 1

Once again, our sincerest apologies for this unsatisfying experience. We will continue to work harder and provide you a better experience and service. 

Thank you.