Hello ASTROKINGS Commanders,

This is SUNNY, Project Director of ASTROKINGS.

The first season for the Empire Arena War has ended and we are deeply grateful for your support despite the many shortcomings and I am also very sorry for not being able to meet the expectations of our Commanders. 

Originally, the purpose of the Empire Arena War was to have all the Commanders in the galaxy have fun competing across the universe. However, our team is aware that there are still areas that need to be improved. 

Our team is constantly collecting the opinions and suggestions of our community and we pledge to apply more improvements to make the Empire Arena more exciting. 

Also, we'd like to share the overview of the upcoming update plans that all our community might be wondering about and we'd love to hear your feedback. 

The main contents we are preparing for our future updates are as follows:

1. Collaboration Event

It is not the time yet to reveal the specifics but we would like to share that various preparations are being made to continue the collaboration event that our Commanders want. 

In particular, a community event was held to gather our Commanders' suggestions as we are trying to make the event as welcoming as possible. 

2. New Alien Fleet

It is known that the story of #AstroKings originated from the confrontation with the Alien Force called CRUX. 

Several Commanders have not been able to attack the existing Alien Fleets, but many of you are demanding stronger enemies. 

Therefore, we are working on the content that will allow you to battle with more powerful Alien Fleets and earn even more valuable rewards.  

3. Flagship Promotion System Expansion

Based on the feedback about the new Flagship Promotion System, we are preparing an update that all commanders would be able to use the features better.

Also, our development team is focused on not only improving the performance of the flagship as the tier of the flagship rises but also on the area that allows more various changes and strategies to be added. We are considering to implement a system to enhance the flagships' features. 

4. Interserver Space

We understand many of our Commanders are waiting for the new battle contents.

Interserver Space - which is a temporary name for this content, is a project that we are trying to make for commanders that all top-level PvP from all galaxies gather in one space. 

Through this content, commanders from all galaxies will be able to gather in one space to start a war and will have an era of infinite competition.

Commanders will be able to enter this infinite war space through Tenebris, and we hope this will be able to set fire to your hearts.

5. Additional Improvements

Your opinions are constantly being collected as a reference to provide a more convenient and better service to our Commanders. 

First, on our 10/28 update, resource harvest efficiency will be improved.

In addition, various improvements will be applied such as a happy hour event with a ship destruction rate of 0% so that you can battle more frequently. 

Also, several suggestions from our previous community event will be applied in our future updates such as the Federation diplomacy system, various decorative elements, as well as recovering used hero skill elements items.

However, we ask for your understanding that it may take time for this content to be implemented in the game. 

Our development team will do our utmost best to provide a better game service to our Commanders. 

Wishing all our ASTROKINGS Commanders good health and happiness! 

Best Regards,

PD Sunny

Project Director of ASTROKINGS