Hello Commanders,

After the maintenance, we have detected a problem regarding the package purchase in-game and we would like to share the details with you. 

Issue: Commanders using Google Play Store experiencing issues with in-app purchases where the package was not received after completing the purchase transaction. 

* This issue has been resolved as of 21:27 PDT. You can now process your purchases without any issue.

We are currently investigating this case to identify and fix the issue and we would like to ask for your understanding that it may take time to resolve the matter. 

If you experiencing errors or issues after purchasing a package, please contact our support team. (Commander Info > Settings > Contact Us > New Ticket)

When you send your ticket, please include the following: 

Galaxy Number, Commander's Name, and a screenshot of your purchase receipt including the order number. 

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this issue may have caused. We will do our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible. 

Thank you.