Hello Commanders,
This is SUNNY, Project Director of ASTROKINGS. 
During the early days, when we talked about our future 2020 seemed to be symbolic and unreal. But then 2020 has now become a reality. As a team of game developers, who creates Sci-Fi Strategy Games, this milestone means a lot to us. 
As we all hope for a better and brighter 2020, our team pledges that you will witness a new future for AstroKings. 
Last year was a challenging year where we’ve dealt with bugs and connection issues which were improved through time and effort. In particular, the Full-Screen Support, which was a pursuit of business, was updated even under difficult conditions and received a lot of positive feedback from our Commanders.
Based on this, we promise to provide more interesting content and stable service in 2020. I would like to share some of the contents that are aimed for updates within the year and listen to your opinions.
1. Hero Enhancement

Our team is currently preparing to change and expand our hero system, which plays an important part in our fleet system. 
Our goal is to provide a way to advance our heroes without sacrificing their value. In addition, we are discussing additional content to effectively use our heroes. 
2. Flagship
Due to the ship enhancements, the role of the flagship has been relatively reduced. Therefore, our team is planning to make the existing flagship equipment more powerful, and provide ways to use the flagship more strategically and diversely. 
In addition, at the request of many users, we are considering the release of new flagships and the ability to show off or customize the appearance of your flagship.
3. Rally Battle Balance
Our team recognizes that when there is a significant difference in combat power between the rally participants, a negative result occurs rather than the general expectations. 
We are exploring ways to improve the rally system that meets your expectations. However, structural changes are inevitable, and there is a risk of adverse effects in the process. So we are carefully preparing the improvements. 
We apologize for not being able to provide a fast action on our Federation support/Rally system, and we hope to make the improvements as soon as possible. 
4. Empire Virtual Battle System
Fleet battles play a big role in AstroKings and we have been receiving suggestions and requests from our Commanders about an expansion for our battle system. 
We are preparing to expand our battle scene contents for the PvP system.  In particular, this exciting PvP expansion will allow players to compete across the galaxy to players from the entire universe. 
5. Galaxy Federation War
Humanity is slowly taking over the control of Tenebris and they will be able to view a wider universe with the galaxy transportation function. 
First, all the galaxies in the universe will have the Galactic War, where all the Federations in the universe can compete in one place. 
In addition, our team is carefully considering the ability to move to another galaxy, subject to certain conditions. 
It is hoped that this will become a true universe that can compete while maintaining the order and balance between the old and the new galaxies.

Lastly, we recently decided to strengthen global marketing in collaboration with global publisher Tilting Point, which is not yet available to the public, but we are planning a collaboration event in partnership with various popular Sci-fi content.
As a result, the world of Astrokings will be filled with interesting, exciting contents and we expect more new commanders to join our world. 
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our AstroKings Commanders, and we look forward to your continued support and participation in our game.

Best regards,
Sunny Choi
Date: February 2020