Hello Commanders!

We hope that you all had a wonderful 2019 and we wish that your 2020 will be filled with love, happiness, and success!

We are very happy to share with you the details of our upcoming update for this month.

Maintenance Date: 2020/01/14 5PM ~ 10PM PST 

Note: During the maintenance, you will not be able to access your account.

Update Details:

A. Server Merger

To provide a more exciting gaming experience, 2 servers will be merged and details are as follows:

Date: 2020/01/14 PST (Maintenance)

Galaxies: 1 & 5

B. Fleet Formation 

New formations will be added and can be unlocked/enhanced through research projects (Research Facility).

The changes in the formation effect are still under the development stage and may change during the actual update.

C. Ship Enhancement Reset

Due to the additional formations, the strategy of strengthening the ships is expected therefore we will be resetting the ship enhancements and return 100% of all the enhancement costs and materials.

Once the reset has been applied, the national power gained from the ship enhancements will be temporarily removed. This can be restored once you’ve enhanced your ships back using the returned materials and resources.


- Planet Protection Shield will be set to a longer duration after the maintenance.

- Since new formations will be added in this update, you may have to strategically consider which ship parts to enhance. 

- This is a one-time reset, therefore, we strongly suggest that you carefully select the enhancements that you will apply to your ships. 

D. New Event

A new event has been prepared with the hope that all your 2020 wishes will come true.

Event Period: 2020/01/14 ~ 2020/01/28 4PM PST

Event Details:

1. Earn Lunar New Year event tokens with daily attendance rewards

On the 3rd, 7th, 10th, and 13th day of the event, you could earn more tokens!

Note: Attendance event will start from 2020/01/15 4PM (00:00 UTC) and ends on 2020/01/28 PST (The day of the update is excluded)

2. Collect event points to obtain Lunar New Year’s tokens, achievement rewards, and complete in the rankings.

Achievement and ranking points can be obtained through the following: Defeat Space Pirates and Wanted Pirates, Defeat Pirate Bases, Recruit Heroes, Send Heroes to the Council

3. Tokens obtained from the Lunar New Year could be exchanged with various items including the Lunar New Year’s Gift Set

E. New Commander Registration Process

- Simplified registration process

- When registering a new commander, the name and appearance are automatically generated and improved. 

F. Others

- Exchange result confirmation popup will be removed.

- Ability to toggle ON/OFF the ‘Recommended Mission’ has been added to Settings > Option.

- UI improvements and minor fixes

X-mas Socks can be exchanged with resources through the inventory.

*The schedule and details may be subject to change under certain circumstances. We will notify you here for the changes.