Here are the details for our upcoming update. Please be reminded that during the maintenance schedule. you will not be able to log in to the game. 

Maintenance schedule will be announced ingame and thru our social media pages. 

1. Expand Maximum Level

- Top levels for facilities, pirates and others will be expanded.

  • Commander Level: 55
  • Command Center Level: 45
  • Normal Ship Tier: 11
  • Research CRUX TECHNOLOGY will be opened
  • Council Level: 45
  • Trade Vessel Level: 45
  • Space Pirates Level: 50
  • Pirate Base Level: 70
  • Resource Harvesting Sites Level: 8
  • New Missions and Achievements for level expansion will be added
  • New Command Center and Planet's overall appearance will be updated

2. Rewards Renewal

- Due to the expansion for maximum levels, rewards will be adjusted. Reward structure will be reorganized for better content composition.

A. Harvesting Resources: 3 more levels will be added and overall harvesting speed will be increased.

- Ex: Amaterasu Flagship and harvesting related buffs (excluding Trade Planet Occupation Buff and newly added research buff) will allow you to collect up to 310K metal per hour.

- In addition, the overall resource distribution will be re-balanced in the galaxy.

B. Locked Chests: Drop rate will be slightly reduced. Crafting equipment and materials will be added instead.

- Flagship Equipment Materials Drop Rate

  • Average Drop Rate: 75% > 80%
  • Average Item Counts: Increased by 20%

    - Locked Chest Drop Rate (15% > 13%)

  • Resource Box: 7.5% > 5%
  • Speedup Box: 7.5% > 8%

C. Wanted Pirates: Defeating Smugglers may give you a new rare Research Material Items for the CRUX TECHNOLOGY Research.

D. Pirate Base: Resources reward’s proportion will be reduced. Drop rates for Alien Relics and Equipment Materials’ drop rate will be increased.

- Increased Drop Rate for the following:

  • Flagship Equipment Enhancement Chips: 10%
  • Flagship Equipment Blueprints and Materials: 60% > 70%
  • Alien Relics: 20% > 35%

    - Reduced Drop Rate for the following:

  • Resources: Reduced to 70%
  • Decoder: 18.5% > 15%

E. CRUX Recon Fleet Rewards: CRUX TECHNOLOGY Research Materials and Alien Relics will be added to the rewards.

F. CRUX Main Fleet Rewards: Reduced resources and added valuable contents in the rewards.

- The following items could be obtained from the Alien Fleet Loot Chest:

  • Ship Enhancement Materials
  • CRUX TECHNOLOGY Research Materials
  • Dimension Rift Catalyst

    - Resources: Reduced to 67%

G. Federation Expedition Reward Box Renewal

- Expedition Loot with 20 Participants: 3 > 2

- Resources will be reduced from Resource Expedition Loot

- Randomly obtain Decoder Box and AP item

  • Decoder Box: 100% > 30% ~ 50%
  • AP Item: 100% > 100%

- Randomly obtain Trade Goods, Hero Recruit Ticket, and Cube Stabilizing Energy 

H. Federation Protocol Resource Reduction

    - All Federation Protocol Activation Resources will be reduced to 30%

    - Reduced Gold consumption when activating Production Protocol

    - Reduced Gold and Thonium consumption when activating Harvest Protocol

  • Levels 1 and 2: No Thonium and Dark Matter will be consumed
  • Levels 3 and 4: No Dark Matter will be consumed

3. National Policy Renewal

- New policies will be added and some of the existing policies will be reformed for better balance.

- All the users’ policy settings will be reset after the update. User’s total national policy points will remain and can be re-assigned after the update.

4.    Appointed Admin Buff Change

5.    Dimension Rift Improvements

-    At the start of Dimension Rift, you could now select the wave you wanted to battle

-    Choose a wave that matches your fleet’s power to minimize damages

6.    New Epic Hero

7.    Additional Deployed Fleet Slot

-    Same as the construction slots, you can temporarily have an additional deployed fleet slot using Crystals.

8.    Non-Flagships – Ship Enhancement Stat Change and Reset

-    The unusual gap in terms of combat power due to ship enhancement will be adjusted. Details are as follows:

    A.    Weapon Enhancement

  • All Ships: Accuracy and penetration gain will be reduced. 
  • Destroyer:
    • Average attack power is slightly reduced
    • The gap between enhancement levels will be increased
  • Cruiser: 
    • The gap between enhancement levels will be increased 
    • Attack power in lower enhancement level decreases and higher enhancement level increases 
  • Battleship: 
    • The average attack power will be slightly increased
    • The gap between enhancement levels will be increased

    B. Armor Enhancement

  • All ships: 
    • Durability will be significantly reduced
    • Resistance levels will be reduced

C.    Engine enhancement

  • All Ships: Evasion stat will be reduced
  • Frigate: Attack Speed stat will be increased considerably
  • Destroyer: Attack Speed stat will be greatly increased
  • Cruiser: Attack Speed stat will be slightly increased
  • Battleship: Attack Speed stat will be slightly decreased

- As a result, all ship enhancements will be reset and the resources and materials will be restored. 

- Investing in strengthening non-flagships may still be your best option, but check the changes first and reconsider your investment. 

- In addition, as ship enhancement will be adjusted, all NPC's Combat Rating (Space Pirates, Wanted Pirates, Pirate Bases, Alien Fleet, and Dimension Rift) will be reduced to the appropriate level. 

9.    Combat Calculation Formula Adjustment

-    As each weapon’s characteristics are inferior in terms of transmission which lead to calculation errors, they will be removed from the calculation formula. Here are the list of features to be removed:

  • Rail Gun: 
    • Damage from slower ships (Flagship/Battleship)
    • Reduced damage from faster ships (Frigate/Destroyer)
  • Beam:
    • Ability to deal more damage if penetration was higher than the other’s resistance
    • Weaker damage if penetration was lower than the other’s resistance
  • Missile: 
    • Damage from slower ships (Flagship/Battleship)
    • Reduced damage from faster ships (Frigate/Destroyer)
  • Cannon:
    • Deal more damage if accuracy is higher than the opponent’s evasion
    • Deals less damage if your accuracy is less than the opponent’s

10.    Tenebris

A new structure surfaced in the center of the galaxy called ‘Tenebris’. This structure was built during the Golden Age of Tetmes Era, and it has been a bridge connecting the empire’s galaxies. 

However, the invasion of the alien forces has lost mankind’s control of Tenebris. 

The opportunity to regain their control is just around the corner…

11.    One Year Anniversary Event

ASTROKINGS is celebrating its first year anniversary!!! We have prepared variety of special events for you! Stay tuned for the info! 

12.    Other Minor Changes

-    Due to the expanded level for Command Center, a new design will be visible when you reach the max level, and the planet’s appearance will be re-designed on Universe map. 

-    Improved design for Federation’s Page will be applied and this will be differentiated depending on the National Power Ranking.

-    Federation’s Nation Flag displayed on the Galaxy/Server Map will be changed. This is a temporary measure to reduce the misunderstandings that Korean users are favored over other global users. This will be displayed again in the future.

-    E.M.U. Event Tokens from previous event can be exchanged with Thonium after the update.

Last updated on 2019-08-28 PDT