ASTROKINGS provides game services through various third-party stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store, where you can play as a guest in-line with each store's policy. 

However, when you play the game using a guest account, it may be possible to lose the account through various situations such as resetting/replacing the device or deleting/uninstalling the game. It is impossible to recover a lost guest account.

We understand that this may be inconvenient. Nonetheless, to protect your valuable account, we strongly recommend that you safely save your game data by linking your account to your Google, Facebook, or Apple ID. 

Here's how to link your GUEST account to your login. 

1. Tap the Commander's Portrait located at the top left of the screen to access the COMMANDER INFO's page

2. Tap the SETTINGS icon located at the bottom left of your COMMANDER INFO page

3. Tap the ACCOUNT icon

4. Tap the CONNECT ACCOUNT button 

5. Select the type of login that you want to connect to your account and tap the CONNECT ACCOUNT button


- Google login is only available for Android devices

- Apple ID logins are only available for iOS or Apple devices

- Facebook login can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices

- Facebook app should be installed on your device if you will use this as your login

- When linking the account, this might require you to input your login information to connect to the account

6. Once you successfully linked your account, the login status (LINKED) will update on your ACCOUNT page

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