Hello Commanders,

‘AIM FOR THE TOP!’ flagship Exelion and heroes have warp-jumped through dimensions!

To brace for the encounter with unknown heroes and flagship, we've prepared the description of the new ‘AIM FOR THE TOP!’ collaboration flagship and heroes.

▶ AIM FOR THE TOP! Heroes & Flagship

1. AIM FOR THE TOP! Flagship

1) Exelion


PVP: ★4.9/5.0

PVE: ★4.7/5.0


- Enhances the Cannon Fleets' Penetration to counteract Enemy Resistance.

- Increases damage output by enhancing the Rate of Fire of all fleets.

- Having 'Tatsumi Tashiro' onboard activates the DNA Tunnel Effect, increasing the attack power and survivability of all fleets by decreasing the amount of damage your ships take.

2. AIM FOR THE TOP! Heroes

1) 'Invincible Tactical Mobile Weapon' Gunbuster


PVP: ★4.9/5.0

PVE: ★4.5/5.0


- This Hero grants [Counterattack] to allies, destroys the enemy's attack-focused squads with high damage output, and decreases the enemy's defensive capabilities.

- 'Super Inazuma Kick' increases the allies' offensive capabilities greatly, and also grants [Counterattack] to allies, allowing your fleet to deal even more damage to all enemy squads.

- 'Homing Laser' makes your main attack squad invulnerable from any attacks, and increases attack power and attack speed, boosting both the offensive and defensive capabilities of your fleet.

※ [Counterattack]: When an enemy squad attacks your squad, reflect the damage to the attacker. (Damage reflected is based on the attack power of the squad that was attacked)

This status effect is effective against enemies with high attack speed, as it returns as many attacks as received.

2) 'Space Warrior' Noriko Takaya


PVP: ★4.8/5.0

PVE: ★4.1/5.0


- Gives [Counterattack] status to allies and reduces enemy attack ability to minimize damage to allies. He is a hero with exquisite defense and attack that inflicts high damage to enemies.

- The 'Fruits of Special Training' skill has the effect of giving [Counterattack] status to allies and healing them, allowing you to attack enemies and protect allies at the same time.

- 'Nano Robot Infiltration' skill protects allies by reducing the enemy's attack ability.

※ [Counterattack]: When an ally is hit, damage is returned to the attacking enemy. (Based on the attack power of the hit fleet)

It returns attacks equal to the number of hits, making it effective against enemies with a high attack speed.

3) 'Queen of Roses' Kazumi Amano


PVP: ★4.5/5.0

PVE: ★3.5/5.0


- This hero strengthens the defensive capabilities of allies to block enemy attacks, and then directly attacks the enemy's main squad to neutralize the enemy.

- 'Active Protection System - Cannon' skill increases the cannon resistance of the ally fleet, making it shine against enemies who mainly use cannons.

4) 'Space Combat Genius' Jung Freud


PVP: ★2.5/5.0

PVE: ★4.0/5.0


- Increases allies' attack power and attack speed, allowing them to inflict a lot of damage in a short period of time.

- A hero who can show off his abilities when fighting NPCs.

5) 'Noriko's Partner' Toren Smith


PVP: ★4.5/5.0 (Rally)

PVE: ★1.0/5.0


- When participating as a rally member during a rally attack, all passive skills are applied.

- This hero is most effective when participating in a rallying fleet that uses battleships as the main attack squad.

6) 'Exelion Captain' Tatsumi Tashiro


PVP: ★2.5/5.0

PVE: ★2.0/5.0


- This hero can be used effectively when appointed as the commander of a planet's defense fleet.

- When boarding the flagship 'Exelion', the DNA tunnel effect can be activated.

7) 'Hard Work & Guts' Koichiro Ohta


- Minister of the Fleet Factory, which reduces the resources consumed during ship production.

- Additionally, it increases the Fleet Size and Battleship Attack Power, making it effective when using the battleship as an attack squad.

8) 'Pilot Candidate Rivals' Reiko Kashihara


- Minister of the Repair Facility[-], increases the capacity of ally damaged ships

- Additionally, you can have more fleets by increasing the size of the fleet and capacity.

Build the ultimate fleet with the new "AIM FOR THE TOP!” flagship and heroes from across the galaxy!

Thank you for your continued support!