Hello Commanders, 

The hero from Stargate Universe embarks on a journey aboard Destiny to join the ASTROKINGS galaxy. 

Here is the information about the new heroes and flagship from the Stargate Universe collaboration to facilitate an easier understanding of their capabilities. 

▶ Stargate Universe Collaboration – Flagship & Heroes


New Collaboration Flagship




  - PVP: ★4.9/5.0

  - PVE: ★4.5/5.0


  - Enhances the Penetration of Missile Cruisers to counteract enemy Resistance.

  - Maximizes Evasion powered by defense ship engines to neutralize enemy penetration.

  - Destiny's DNA Tunnel can be activated with 'Chloe Armstrong', 'Adam Brody' and 'Tamara Johansen'. Activating the DNA Tunnel further increases Penetration, and also increases Defense Efficiency for Frigates assigned as defense ships.

New Collaboration Heroes

['Destiny Expedition Leader' Everett Young]


  - PVP: ★4.9/5.0

  - PVE: ★4.2/5.0


  - Young can protect allies by reducing the enemy's attack capabilities. He can also directly attack the enemy's main squad to neutralize them.

 - The 'Defense Protocol Reception' skill, which keeps the main attack squad from being attacked, also increases the accuracy of the main attack squad, fulfilling both offensive and defensive capabilities.


['Lt.' Matthew Scott]


  - PVP: ★4.0/5.0

  - PVE: ★2.5/5.0


  - Scott can deal with enemies that have regular ships with reinforced armor by increasing the fleet's Penetration through a spesialized skill.

  - When using the skills 'Stealth' and 'Targeting Systems' appropriately, Scott can effectively protect the allied fleet and lead the battle to victory.

['2nd Lt.' Vanessa James]


  - PVP: ★2.0/5.0

  - PVE: ★4.0/5.0


  - Increases the range and rate of fire of allied fleets, swiftly annihilating enemies with the skill 'Rapid Fire' that can be maximized for greater effects.

  - James is especially useful in battles against NPCs.


['Colonel' David Telford]


  - PVP: ★4.5/5.0

  - PVE: ★1.0/5.0


  - When Telford is a part of a rally not as a leader, all of his passive skills are always applied.

  - Telford is espesially effective when joining a Rally Fleet composed of defense squads focusing on Engine Enhancements.


['Nakai's Infectee' Chloe Armstrong]


  - When Armstrong is appointed as the Overseer of the Metal Mine, the Mine produces Metal resources more effectively.

  - Armstrong can activate the DNA Tunnel effect of the flagship 'Destiny' when boarding it with 'Adam Brody' and 'Tamara Johansen'.


['Engineer' Adam Brody]


  - When Brody is appointed as the Overseer of the Ship Enhancement Facility, less resources are consumed for ship enhancements, and fleet marching speed is increased.

  - Brody can activate the DNA Tunnel effect of the flagship 'Destiny' when boarding it with 'Chloe Armstrong' and 'Tamara Johansen'. 


['Field Medic' Tamara Johansen]


  - When Johansen is appointed as the Overseer of the Academy, you can own more Heroes.

  - Johansen can activate the DNA Tunnel effect of the flagship 'Destiny' when boarding it with 'Chloe Armstrong' and 'Adam Brody'.


[‘IOA Representative’ Camile Wray]


  - When Wray is appointed as the Overseer of the Flagship Factory, less resources are consumed during flagship repairs.

  - Wray also increases Fleet Size and Attack Power, providing support in battles.

Build the ultimate fleet with the new flagship and heroes from the Stargate Universe!