Hello, Commanders. This is Sunny, the Project Director of ASTROKINGS.

Today, through this developer's note, we'd like to share with you the update plans for the year 2024 that our development team has been preparing.

While some aspects of this content are already in preparation, most of it represents plans that are subject to change based on the feedback and opinions of our Commanders.

Whether positive or negative, every opinion from our Commanders is a valuable contribution to the advancement of ASTROKINGS. We earnestly request your encouragement and opinions.

Collaboration Events

We are planning three collaboration events in 2024.

The first event, scheduled around February, will feature heroes and commanders from a popular SF series.

Additionally, although we cannot provide specifics at the moment, we are also preparing a collaboration event with a new brand that has never been explored before.

Maximum Level Expansion

It has been over two years since the maximum level was expanded, and the demands for Commander level expansion have been steadily growing.

In 2024, along with the emergence of stronger adversaries, we are preparing to potentially expand the maximum level of Command Center, currently capped at level 50.

Consequently, all Commanders will be able to upgrade their planet's key facilities to a higher level, possessing more potent strategic assets and technologies.

Moreover, careful balancing will be undertaken to ensure that the expansion of the maximum level does not undermine the existing value of growth.

Server Migration Feature

We are well aware that many Commanders wish for the ability to migrate to other galaxies (servers).

However, galaxy migration is a highly sensitive issue as it could lead to the disruption of the ecosystem.

Therefore, we are cautiously reviewing a migration feature along the following lines:

  • Grouping all galaxies based on their development levels and allowing free server migration to galaxies within the same group
  • Approval for migration will be conducted by the Tenebris ruler of the respective galaxies
  • Upon approval of the Tenebris ruler, the migration applicant can immediately move their planets to the desired galaxy


Interspace V2 Update

Originally, the interspace was designed to be the most critical and secret space within the ASTROKINGS universe.

However, despite several updates, it hasn't fully served its purpose.

Therefore, our production team has set a crucial goal to revamp the interspace within the year, incorporating various ideas from Commanders to make it a more enjoyable competitive space for all galaxies' fleets.

VIP Lounge - Permanently Available

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of ASTROKINGS and as a temporary event, we provided the VIP Lounge as a gesture of appreciation to Commanders who have loved and supported ASTROKINGS for a long time.

Despite the inconvenience of using an external community channel, we are thankful for the overwhelming participation and support from more Commanders than we anticipated.

Starting in 2024, we are preparing to run the VIP Lounge continuously, offering regular benefits.

Invitations will be sent to Commanders with VIP levels of 13 or higher in-game, granting ongoing benefits upon joining the channel.

Moreover, we will strive to incorporate Commanders' suggestions and ideas as much as possible to transform ASTROKINGS into a more user-friendly service.

We ask for your continued support and encouragement for ASTROKINGS. To celebrate Christmas, we've prepared a small gift for all Commanders.We hope it will be of some help to the development of your planets, Commanders.

Thank you for your continued support.

(P.S. Please check the attached gift in your mailbox!)

Sunny Choi

Commander of the ASTROKINGS Outskirt Planet

December 2023