Hello Commanders,

The new railgun flagship, IXION, is here!

To commemorate the launch of IXION, there will be an attendance event allowing you to construct IXION for free, along with a strengthening support event. Kindly log in daily to claim various rewards!

※ The content or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes.

▶ New Flagship Info - IXION

- Launch Schedule: 2023/12/06 (after maintenance)

1. IXION Info

Weapon/InterceptorRail Gun/Interceptor
Command BuffsFleet Evasion
Rail Gun Penetration
Special Skills
Blitzkrieg I+3%
Blitzkrieg II +6%
Blitzkrieg III +9%
DNA Tunnel SystemIncreases fleet attack speed and frigate mobility when using the Rail Gun Drill formation

2. IXION Launch Attendance Event

- Event Period : 2023/12/06 (after maintenance) ~ 2023/12/19 23:50 UTC


 <IXION Info>

 1. A flagship utilizing rail guns, possessing high evasion and penetration capabilities.

 2. With the 'Rail Gun Drill Formation' it achieves a stronger attack position, particularly advantageous against resilient enemy fleets.

 3. Activating the DNA Tunnel increases attack speed and enhances the mobility of the [Frigate] ships equipped with rail guns, enabling swift dominance in initiating attacks.


 For 7 days, simply logging in daily will grant blueprints to promote the IXION flagship!

 Log in every day to collect various rewards!

 <How to earn points>

 1. Earn 10 points upon login

3. IXION Flagship Strengthening Event

- Event Period : 2023/12/06 (after maintenance) ~ 2023/12/19 23:50 UTC

Strengthen your IXION flagship and earn rewards!

ASTROKINGS will continue to strengthen the commander's strategy with various contents.

Thank you.