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Server Merger Notice

Hello Commanders, 

We are going to have a server merger for a better game experience and resolve the population issue. The merger decision has been made based on its opening dates for fair play.

1. Date of Merger: December 6th, 2023 (UTC) after the maintenance

2. Servers that will be merged: Galaxy #1 + #15 / #25 + #32 / #53 + #54 / #55 + #56 

3. Things that will be changed after the merger

 1) All deployed fleets will be returned to the planet. 

 2) ASTRONEST withdrawal 

- You have to build a new Astronest after the merger

 3) When you log in to the game, the planet will be placed in a random tile 

- Planetary Relocation item will be sent

 4) All regular events will be reset – Harvest Resources, Invasion of the Alien Fleet, Maintain Order in the Galaxy, Prove Yourself, Strengthen Your National Power. 

- Please claim all the event rewards before the merger.

 5) Trade Planet Occupation will be reset. 

- Reset Compensation will be sent separately.

 6) Tenebris Occupation will be reset. 

- Reset Compensation will be sent separately. 

 7) If there’s a duplicated Commander name, the name will be changed. Ex) OriginalName#0000

 8) If there’s a duplicated Federation name, the name will be changed. Ex) OriginalName#0000, and Abbreviation will be reset as a random name.

 9) After the merge, compensation will be sent to all commanders. 

- Name Change item, Crystals for Federation Name Change, Abbreviation, etc. 

 10) Federation Conquest Point Ranking will be reset.

 11) Trade Planet Occupation time will be adjusted. 

- 1st Occupation: UTC SAT 23:00

- 2nd Occupation: UTC SUN 07:00

 12) Please check the Tenebris Battle event as the schedule type may change after the server merger.

 13) Other than the listed information, everything will remain the same. 



1) Basic Compensation: The compensation will be sent to all accounts that have been created 2 weeks before the merger schedule. 

2) Server Creation Date Compensation: To provide fair compensation, the server that was opened later will receive additional compensation. The compensation will be calculated per day based on the date that the server was opened and will be given up to 90days. Accounts that have been created before the server merger announcement with Command Center level 20 and above will receive the compensation.

*Compensation will be given to commanders who created 2 weeks before the server merger with Command Center level 20

3) Trade Planet Compensation- Based on the server merge date, the compensation will be given to the Federations that occupied the Trade Planets. (The remaining time of the occupation period)

We will do our best to provide a better gaming experience. 

Thank you.