Hello Commanders,

As a result of the consolidation of the account linking system in the iOS environment with Apple ID, support for Game Center account linking in the iOS environment has been terminated after the update on December 28, 2022.

Even after the update, Commanders who had their accounts linked through Game Center were able to continue playing the game. However, after the update on November 22, 2023, support for Game Center account linking will be completely terminated.

With the complete discontinuation of Game Center account linking support, if you do not proceed to link your account to Apple ID or Facebook login before the update on November 22, 2023, you may risk losing your account. Please be cautious and use other account linking methods to update your account.

▶ How to link your game account to Apple ID or Facebook login

1. Tap the 'Commander Portrait' located at the upper left corner of the planet/universe map

2. Tap the 'Settings' button (gear icon) at the bottom left of the screen

3. Tap the 'Account' button

4. Tap the 'Connect Account' button

5. Tap the 'Connect Account' button for Apple ID or Facebook

6. Login with your Apple ID or Facebook 

※ Notes

- If you exclusively linked your account to the Game Center login and subsequently lose access to it, it may be difficult to verify or recover your account.

- If you link an existing Apple ID or Facebook login that's already associated with another ASTROKINGS account, it will overwrite the existing linked data. (Please make sure to check the on-screen instructions before linking the account.)

- Depending on the device type or version, the account link order and options may vary. 

We will continue to work harder to provide the best game service.

Thank you very much.