Hello Commanders,

Here are the details of our upcoming maintenance on 2023/10/24.

Note: The content or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes.

Maintenance Schedule:  2023/10/24 23:50 – 2023/10/25 03:00 UTC

1. Event End Notice

The following events will end on 2023/10/24 23:50 UTC:

- Simulation Battle Enhanced Operation

- Galactic Purification Subjugation Operation

- [Empire Arena] Today's Daily Mission

- [Empire Arena] Point Achievement Mission

2. New Events

Event Period: 2023/10/25 (after maintenance) - 2023/11/07 23:50 UTC

2-1. Trick or treat Ⅰ

Defeat the 'Halloween Event NPC' and participate in the rankings!

Special event NPCs will appear in celebration of Halloween! 

Defeat the 'Halloween Event NPC' to earn event points!


 <Event Point Source>

 1. Earn 30 event points when defeating the 'Halloween Event NPC'

 2. Earn 1,000 event points when acquiring a 'Halloween Candy Basket' 

 ※ You must acquire at least 500 event points to be counted in the ranking.

2-2. Trick or treat Ⅱ

Defeat the 'Ferocious Jack O'Lantern' and receive rewards!

2-3. Halloween Exchange Shop

You can exchange the 'Halloween Candy' obtained by defeating the 'Halloween Event NPC' for various items!

Exchange various items with the 'Halloween Candy'!


 <Halloween Candy Source>

 1. Defeat 'Halloween Event NPC'

 2. Complete 'Trick or treat II' Mission

3. Tetra Roulette Machine

Event Period: 2023/10/25 (after maintenance) - 2023/11/01 00:00 UTC

Use ‘Tetra Roulette Tokens’ to acquire special heroes!

An event featuring the chance to acquire special rewards through the 'Tetra Roulette Machine' is taking place!

 A free spin is provided once a day that all commanders can participate in!

 Don't miss the opportunity to meet special heroes that can only be obtained at the 'Tetra Roulette Machine'!

 <Event Info>

 1. The 'Free Spin' count for the 'Tetra Roulette Machine' event resets at 00:00 UTC.

 2. 'Tetra Roulette Tokens' can only be used for the 'Tetra Roulette Machine' event.

 3. 'Tetra Roulette Tokens' can be reused in the next 'Tetra Roulette Machine' event after the event ends.

 4. 'Roulette Mileage' can be received only once during the event period, and event progress information resets when the event ends.

 5. 'Tetra Roulette Tokens' can be additionally acquired through the 'Tetra Roulette Token' package.

 6. Heroes obtained through the 'Tetra Roulette Machine' event will not display the limited appearance package.

4. New Hero

NameGradeTypeSpecial SkillSkill 1Skill 2Type AType B
'Violent Monarch' GilgameshSBattle[SP] Overwhelming Charisma
Penetration SuppressionTargeting Systems

5. UX Improvements

5-1. Radar Function

- In order to make it easier to find the desired information, the radar is divided into 'Rally' tab and 'Individual' tab.

- Situations where federation members attack or scout enemy planets are no longer displayed on the radar.

※ The above improvements apply to the Universe and Imperial Federation War.

5-2. Imperial Federation War - Target Base Settings

- A new feature will be added to the Federation War's battlefield screen, allowing the ability to set a target base.

- Only federation members with a rank of G4 or higher will be able to make these settings.

- Target bases will be displayed as either attack or defense target depending on their occupation status.

6. Others

- The macro prevention feature will be strengthened.

- An ON/OFF function for in-game advertisements in the options will be added.

- Commander's Personal ID information will be displayed on the Commander Info page.

(Personal ID information is used for events and self-verification, so please be cautious not to expose it to others.)

- Fixed minor text & errors.