Hello Commanders, 

We have recently observed a growing number of commanders who are either engaging in the game without linking their accounts or opting to unlink their accounts, resulting in the unfortunate loss of their game progress.

Should you choose to continue your game without linking your account or if you have already unlinked it, please be aware that your account may be at risk of potential loss. This risk may stem from various factors, including game reinstallation, device changes, factory resets, cache and data deletions, etc. In light of this, we kindly ask you to check and link your account to save your game progress.

▶ Go to How do I link my account?

※ Note

- Account can be linked to Google, Facebook, and/or Apple ID.

(The Game Center link feature was discontinued on 2022/12/28.)

- Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide assistance if you lose your guest account, so we kindly urge you to exercise caution and link your account.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the commanders who have supported the game, making it possible for ASTROKINGS to reach its momentous 5th anniversary milestone. Rest assured, we remain committed to our mission of delivering a gratifying gaming experience for our commanders.

Thank you.