Hello Commanders, 

To celebrate ASTROKINGS' 5th anniversary, we've prepared a special Flagship Equipment Enhancement Happy Hour event!

▶ ASTROKINGS 5th Anniversary Special Happy Hour Event - Flagship Equipment Enhancement!

Event Period : 2023/08/30 (after maintenance) - 2023/09/06 00:00 UTC

Event Info

- The enhancement and promotion success rate of flagship equipment is doubled.

- When using the 'Equipment Stabilizer' item, the T5 upgrade success rate is increased by 20%.

- The consumption of Flagship Equipment Enhance Chip is reduced by 20%.

- The crafting time of flagship equipment is reduced.

During this event period, we hope you strengthen your flagship equipment and develop it into a more powerful flagship. ASTROKINGS will continue to provide our Commanders with more exciting events in the future.

Thank you.