Hello Commanders,

Here are the details of our upcoming maintenance on 2023/04/04.

Note: The content or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes.

Maintenance Schedule:  2023/04/04 23:50 –  2023/04/05 05:00 UTC

1. Event End Notice

The following events will end on 2023/04/04 23:50 UTC:

- Secure Trade Goods I

- Secure Trade Goods II

- Real Deal

2. New Events

Event Period: 2023/04/05 (after maintenance) - 2023/04/18 23:50 UTC

2-1. Easter Egg Hunt I

Complete the daily missions and get Easter Lucky Eggs!

2-2. Easter Egg Hunt II

Defeat the ghost and alien fleet to get Easter Lucky Eggs!

2-3. Easter Luck Collection

Earn lucky eggs through Easter missions and use them in the shop!

<How to earn points>

1. 1 point for using Easter Lucky Egg

※ Event points are applied when purchasing items from the Easter Shop with Easter Lucky Eggs.

2-4. Easter Shop

Purchase items with Easter Lucky Eggs.

Easter Lucky Egg Baskets are now available in the shop to celebrate Easter!

<Easter Lucky Egg Source>

1. Easter Egg Hunt I

2. Easter Egg Hunt II

3. New High-Level Priora

- Added 10 new high-level Priora

Fury of Desire
110, 120Black Stone Supply Box
Ravana-R of Envy
110, 120
Advanced Weapon Blueprint Box (T4 ~ T4 SE)
Ravana-B of Greed
110, 120
Advanced Engine Blueprint Box (T4 ~ T4 SE)
Ravana-M of Negligence
110, 120
Advanced Module Blueprint Box (T4 ~ T4 SE)
Ravana-C of Hatred
110, 120
Advanced Armor Blueprint Box (T4 ~ T4 SE) 

4. Imperial Federation War Improvements

- A coordinate-sharing feature is added to the Imperial Federation War.

- This feature functions the same as the coordinate-sharing feature on the universe map. 

- Improved the feature where the remaining quantity of planet relocation is displayed.

- The Imperial Federation War's registration condition has been modified.

The total national power of the federation members is over 1 billionThe total national power of the federation members is over 500 million

- The Imperial Federation War schedule has been partially modified. 

1stSaturday 02:00 UTCNo changes applied
2ndSaturday 07:00 UTCNo changes applied
3rdSaturday 12:00 UTCNo changes applied
4thSaturday 17:00 UTC14:00 UTC

- The repair time for both flagships and ships during the Imperial Federation War has been shortened

- The rewards are increased

- Fixed minor errors

5. Others

- Fix the issue where the mail is not displayed normally on some devices

- Improve the destruction effect on the planet's skin

- Fixed minor text & errors