Hello Commanders, 

We would like to thank all the commanders who participated in the Imperial Federation War (Beta) which took place from February 25-26, 2023

▶ Outstanding Commander! Reach 1st Place for the Individual Point in the Imperial Federation War Event Result

The commander who achieved 1st place for Individual Points

- Azur (Galaxy 33)


- Ship purchase contract (free choice of ship type and tier) x 200,000

※ Depending on the size of the ship, you can freely choose from a total capacity of 200,000

Ex. 1) T13 Frigate 100,000 + T13 Destroyer 10,000 + T13 Cruiser 10,000 + T13 Battleship 10,000

Ex. 2) T13 Destroyer x 5,000 + T13 Cruiser 30,000 + T13 Battleship 20,000

We would like to congratulate our commander for winning this event. Please contact us through the support ticket for the type and tier of the ship that you want by March 25, 2023, so we could send them to you.

Ticket Link:


Once again, thank you for your participation in the Imperial Alliance War (Beta), and we will continue to be Astro Kings who reward you with many events in the future.

Thank you.