Hello Commanders,


Hello Commanders,

The beta version of the Imperial Federation War, where the strongest federations of all ASTROKINGS servers can compete, has been released!

The third event to celebrate the release of the Imperial Federation War’s beta version!

The corps to earn the most points in the Imperial Federation War! Find that Federation!



▶ We are legion! 1st Place in Federation Points


- Event Period : 2023/02/25 00:00 ~ 2023/02/26 05:59 UTC

- How to Participate: Earn federation points by participating in the Imperial Federation War through the ASTROKINGS in-game event page

Event Rewards


1st Place Federation based on Federation Points

- Federation Crystal (Paid thru Federation Resources) x 200,000


For members of the 1st Place federation participating in the Imperial Federation War

- Fleet Mgmt. 3h x 10

- Ship Production Support 12h x 3

- Special Production Expansion x 5

- Crystal Royal Box x 2


※ Notes for Event Participation

 - When you register in-game for the Imperial Federation War, your federation will be automatically included in this event.

- Only commanders with at least 1 battle record during the Imperial Federation War will be counted for this event.

- Please note that commanders who have only registered for the Imperial Federation Battle or have not fought at least 1 battle after entering the Imperial Federation Battle will not be counted for this event.

- If there is a tie in Federation Points obtained, the ranking will be calculated in descending order of the National Power of the participating commanders.

- If you participate in the event by fraudulent means, you may be excluded from the event participation.

- Event winners and rewards will be announced and delivered 2 weeks after the event ends. 

- This event is a one-time event to celebrate the release of the Imperial Federation War beta version.


Thank you.