Hello Commanders,


The beta version of the Imperial Federation War, where the strongest federations of all ASTROKINGS servers can compete, has been released!

The second event to celebrate the release of the Imperial Federation War’s beta version!

Who will be the one and only commander who will achieve 1st place for individual points in the Imperial Federation War?



▶ [Imperial Federation War] Outstanding Commander! Reach 1st Place for the Individual Point in the Imperial Federation War Event


- Event Period : 2023/02/25 00:00 ~ 2023/02/26 05:59 UTC

- How to Participate: Earn Individual Points by participating in the Imperial Federation War through the ASTROKINGS in-game event page


Event Rewards


The commander who achieves 1st place for Individual Points from the Imperial Federation War

- Ship Purchase Order (Ship Tier and Type can be selected) x 200,000


※ Depending on the size of the ship, you can freely choose from a total capacity of 200,000

Ex. 1) T13 Frigate 100,000 + T13 Destroyer 10,000 + T13 Cruiser 10,000 + T13 Battleship 10,000

Ex. 2) T13 Destroyer x 5,000 + T13 Cruiser 30,000 + T13 Battleship 20,000



※ Notes for Event Participation


- When you register in-game for the Imperial Federation War, your federation will be automatically included in this event.

- A separate notice for this event will be sent to the winning commander with the Ship Purchase Order items that match the selected type and tier. 

- Please note that the reward may be canceled if there is no response within 15 days after the winner’s announcement.

- If you participate in the event by fraudulent means, you may be excluded from the event participation.

- Event winner and reward will be announced and delivered 2 weeks after the event ends. 

- This event is a one-time event to celebrate the release of the Imperial Federation War beta version.



Thank you.