Hello Commanders,

IMPERIAL FEDERATION WAR, where you compete with other server's federations, is coming soon!

In the internal consortium of "Merchant Guild (E.M.U.)", it was suggested that there is a need for an opportunity for humanity, which is isolated throughout the galaxy, to unite as one and grow together. In response, the Merchant Guild cooperated with Interspace's "Empyrean Guild" to allow all galactic federations to participate, and held a friendly tournament named "Imperial Federation War".

Here's your chance to test how powerful your federation is!

Make a name for your federation by competing with other federations from different servers!

▶ The "Imperial Federation War" beta content will be updated in February, and we will share more details through our maintenance and update notices. 

※ The 'Imperial Federation War' is conducted as a beta version to collect our commanders' feedback. The official version will be released later after applying the improvements based on our community's feedback. 

We will continue to do our best to provide contents that our commanders can enjoy! 

Thank you for your continuous support!