Hello Commanders,

Here are the details of our upcoming maintenance on 2022/12/27.

Note: The content or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes.

Maintenance Schedule: 2022/12/27 23:50 – 2022/12/28 03:00 UTC

1. Event End Notice

The following events will end on 2022/12/27 23:50 UTC:

- Christmas Events

- Christmas Hero Recruitment

- [2022] Year-end Attendance Event

※ Christmas Shop will remain open until 2022/12/28 23:50 UTC.

2. New Event

Event Period: 2022/12/28 (after maintenance) - 2023/01/10 23:50 UTC

2-1. New Year's Lucky Event

Use lucky charms to earn event points and win rewards!

<How to earn points>

1. 30 points when using the Black Rabbit Lucky Charm

2. 15 points when using the White Rabbit Lucky Charm

3. 10 points when using the Brown Rabbit Lucky Charm

4. 10 points when using the Spotted Rabbit Lucky Charm

5. 5 points when using the Basic Lucky Charm

<How to get the Lucky Charm>

- Obtain the Lucky Charm when using the 2023 Fortune Box

2-2. Today's Fortune

Log in daily during the event period to earn event points and get the 2023 Fortune Box!

<How to earn points>

- Get 1 point for logging in

2-3. New Year Faster than a Rabbit

During the event period, use speed boost items to participate in individual rankings and earn various rewards!

<How to earn points>

1. 1 point when using speed boost 5m

2. 3 points when using speed boost15m

3. 6 points when using speed boost 30m

4. 12 points when using speed boost 1h

5. 36 points when using speed boost 3h

6. 72 points when using speed boost 6h

7. 144 points when using speed boost 12h

8. 288 points when using speed boost 24h

※ Points are obtained when using any type of speed boost item.

※ You must acquire at least 500 event points to be counted in the ranking!

2-4. New Year Arrangement

Go through various content and get rewards!

2-5. New Year Preparation

Event Period: 2022/12/28 (after maintenance) - 2023/01/24 23:50 UTC

A new year has begun in the galaxy. 

All commanders wish for good things to happen this upcoming new year, despite of the Crux's furious invasion and the war against the pirates.

Additionally, E.M.U. is said to be giving away various items to celebrate the start of the New Year. Complete the daily missions given each day to earn various items.

<How to earn points>

- 1 point for completing a daily mission

3. UX Improvements

3-1. Planetary Buff Menu

- The ability to activate the artifact system is added to the planetary buff menu. 

3-2. Hero and Skill Types

- The hero type is displayed on the 'Manage Hero' page. 

- Skill tooltips are improved to display skill categories and types. 

- Hero skill categories and types are displayed in the hero's profile. 

- Hero type is displayed on the hero recruitment page. 

- Hero type and stats are displayed on the senior crew's boarding/recall screen. 

- The skill type is displayed on the skill tooltip of the battle report. 

4. Prestige Shop Renewal

Shop Schedule: 2022/12/28 (after maintenance) - 2023/12/21 23:50 UTC

- Opening of the 2023 Prestige Shop

- You can purchase items from the '2023 Prestige Shop' using the '2023 Prestige Token'


※ '2023 Prestige Tokens' that can be used to purchase items from the '2023 Prestige Shop' can be acquired through different events and various content. 

※ '2021-22 Prestige Token' will be changed so that other reward items can be acquired in future updates. 

5. Others

- Game Center login for iOS will no longer be supported. 

- Commanders with iOS devices who are accessing the game using the Game Center login are recommended to link the account using Facebook or Apple ID instead of Game Center.

- Fixed the issue where the recommended Interspace defense fleet setting was not canceled. 

- Fixed minor text & errors.