Merry Christmas to all!

This is Sunny, the Project Director of ASTROKINGS. 

Wishing you a warm and prosperous year, and a promising new year. 

Today, I want to wrap up the year by sharing the developer’s note about the new plans for 2023. 

Our team worked harder than ever as 2022 was an important year for ASTROKINGS. 


We are grateful for your constant support even though we were not able to do all the planned updates.

Due to legal issues, the challenge for P2E (Play to Earn) did not go as planned. However, there has been a lot of progress internally, and in 2023, we hope to share what we have accomplished.

The major update goals for 2023 can be summarized into four main categories.

1.    Federation Battle Content

Aside from Interspace, we will open up an arena where strong federations from all over the universe can battle. The federation battle content will provide an opportunity to compete against opponents of all in a similar range. The development team is working hard with the goal of making its debut in February 2023.

2.    Support New Platforms

To provide more enjoyable gameplay in various environments, we plan to release the game through Steam and Windows Store, etc. And we look forward to bringing new commanders to the ASTROKINGS universe through these new platforms. 

3.    Decorative Elements

We plan to release flagship skins with a special look and additional abilities. 

Then gradually add the function to customize the appearance of the Command Center and Federation’s Astronest. 

In particular, flagship skins are designed with great care to provide specialness with strategic value.

4.    New collaboration event

Along with the existing collaborations, we are planning to do an additional collaboration with the new IP to provide you with satisfying experiences. 

We ask for your continued support for ASTROKINGS in the future, and for Christmas, we have prepared a gift for all commanders.

The gift is attached to the in-game mail with the developer's note, we hope this gift supports your planet's development.

Thank you. 

Best regards,

Sunny Choi from the outer planet of ASTROKINGS

2022 December