Hello Commanders,

The Game Center login function will no longer be available after the maintenance and update on the 28th of December since the account link system for iOS has been unified with Apple ID.

Game accounts linked to Game Center may still continue to access the game using the Game Center login, however, if the game account was unlinked or disconnected from Game Center for unavoidable reasons, there is a risk of losing your access to your account as it is impossible to re-link the account to Game Center.

For Commanders who solely linked the account to Game Center, we strongly recommend linking your game account to your Apple ID or Facebook login. 

▶ How to link the game account to your Apple ID or Facebook login?

1. Tap the 'Commander Portrait' located at the upper left corner of the screen on the planet/universe view

2. Tap the 'Settings' button (gear icon) at the bottom left of the page

3. Tap the 'Account' button

4. Tap the 'Connect Account' button

5. Tap the 'Connect Account' button for Apple ID or Facebook

6. Login with your Apple ID or Facebook 

※ If you link with an Apple ID or Facebook that is already linked to another ASTROKINGS account, the existing link data will be overwritten. Be sure to check the contents on the screen before linking the account.

※ Depending on the device, the account link order may vary. 

We will work harder to provide a satisfying service for our commanders. 

Thank you.