Hello Commanders,

Here are the details of ASTROKINGS' upcoming maintenance.

Note: The content or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes.

Maintenance Schedule: 2022/10/11 23:50 - 2022/10/12 03:00 AM UTC

1. Event End Notice

The following events will end on 2022/10/11 23:50 UTC:

- Ship Enhancement Support Event I

- Ship Enhancement Support Event II

- Ship Enhancement Support Event III

2. New Events

Event Schedule: 2022/10/12 (after maintenance) - 2022/11/01 23:50 UTC

2-1. Trick or Treat I

Defeat the Halloween monsters and participate in the individual rankings!

<How to earn points >

1. 30 points for defeating Halloween event NPC

2. 30 points for defeating space pirates

3. 1000 points for using Halloween Candy Basket

※ When you purchase the Premium Pass and complete the event goal, 'Planet Skin : Nightmare' can be acquired. 

※ You must acquire at least 500 event points to be counted in the ranking.

※ 'Ferocious Jack-O'-Lantern' is not included in the Halloween NPC.

2-2. Trick or Treat II

Defeat the 'Ferocious Jack-O'-Lantern' that appears every hour to get rewards!

2-3. Trick or Treat III

Defeat the Halloween NPCs and exchange the candies obtained for various items

Exchange various items with your Halloween Candies!

<How to get Halloween Candy>

1. Defeat Halloween event NPC

2. Defeat Ferocious Jack-O'-Lantern

3. Complete Trick or Treat Ⅱ Mission

2-4. Trick or Treat! The Ferocious Jack-O'-Lantern Appears!

Defeat the Ferocious Jack-O'-Lantern to get Halloween candies!

<Event Notes>

1. The Ferocious Jack-O'-Lantern appears every hour across the space map.

2. The  Ferocious Jack-O'-Lantern only appears during the 'Trick or Treat! The Ferocious Jack-O'-Lantern Appears!' event.

3. When the event starts, a total of 120 Ferocious Jack-O'-Lanterns will appear all over the space map.

4. When the event ends, the remaining Ferocious Jack-O'-Lanterns that were not defeated will disappear from the space map.

3. Others

- Game engine optimization to improve app loading speed and overall game launch performance.

- Improvements were applied when checking the in-game help. You can access the in-game help/guide without leaving the game. 

- Haptic feedback is added when tapping the main button. You can enable this feature through Settings > Option.

- The Type-B image for 'Lieutenant' Nightingale hero has been partially changed.

- The daily login pop-up page has been improved. 

- Responding to the continuous attempts to use illegal programs or macros, the content of obtaining items from the federation exploration and exchange center has been adjusted.

 1) The 50/100 Action Point items will no longer appear in the bonus reward for the federation exploration's explore resource sites. 

 2) The 50/100 Action Point items will no longer appear at the exchange center.

 3) 10 types of T4 flagship equipment materials and black stone were added to the exchange center. 

- Fixed minor text & errors.

※ We will conduct a more detailed review of the areas related to the Exchange Center and Federation Exploration adjustments, and further information will be provided in the future.