Hello Commander,

To celebrate the launch of the Ship Relic Circuit and ship enhancement engine balance renewal, we have prepared the Fleet Destruction Prevention Happy Hour. 

Event Period: 

Schedule #1: 2022/05/27 00:00  - 2022/05/30 00:00 UTC

Schedule #2: 2022/06/03 00:00  - 2022/06/6 00:00 UTC

During the event period, the happy hour buff applied as follows:

1. Ships will not be destroyed during PvP battles. (Ships will be destroyed when the Repair Facility exceeds its damaged ship slot limit)

2. Instant ship repair (Finish Now) crystal cost  -50%

3. Ship repair speed boost crystal cost  -50%

4. Ship repair resources cost -50% (up to 90%)

We hope you enjoy a thrilling battle with the ship relic circuit and the renewed ship engine enhancement. 

Thank you.