Hello Commanders,

Here are the details of ASTROKINGS' upcoming maintenance on the 25th of May.

Note: As this is advance notice, the content or schedule may be subject to change depending on the circumstances. We'll notify you of any changes.

Maintenance Schedule: 2022/05/25 01:00 - 06:00 AM UTC

Maintenance Schedule: 2022/05/24 23:50 - 05:00 AM UTC

1. Event End Notice

- Life Ore I-II events will end on 2022/05/25 00:00 UTC.

- Life Ore III event shop will remain until 2022/05/26 00:00 UTC.

- Life Ore I-II events will end on 2022/05/24 23:50 UTC. 

- Life Ore III event shop will remain until 2022/05/25 23:50 UTC.

2. New Events

Event Period: 2022/05/25 (after maintenance) - 2022/06/08 00:00 UTC

Event Period: 2022/05/25 (after maintenance) - 2022/06/07 23:50 UTC

2-1. War Memorial Week I


The E.M.U. is hosting the War Memorial Week, an event that has been forgotten since the Crux invasion and the collapse of the Empire. The War Memorial Week is an important event to mourn for those who have died, remind the survivors of the meaning of sacrifice, and strengthen their will to move forward for the future of mankind. Please collect 'Tears of Sorrow Points' to mourn the victims through various activities. E.M.U. will provide a lot of rewards depending on the activity.

Participate in the event to earn Tears of Sorrow Points and earn various rewards!

<How to obtain Tears of Sorrow Points>

1. 9 Tears of Sorrow points when defeating space pirates

2. 24 Tears of Sorrow points when defeating pirate bases

3. 15 Tears of Sorrow points when defeating wanted pirates

4. 1 Tears of Sorrow point when repairing 100 ships

5. 100 Tears of Sorrow points when logging in to the game once per day

2-2. War Memorial Week II

The War Memorial Week is an event to mourn for those who have died and a period in which we exert more effort to strengthen our national power so that no one will become a victim anymore.

Build or enhance ships to strengthen your fleet and earn various rewards!

<How to earn points>

1. 2 points when building 60 frigates

2. 2 points when building 30 destroyers

3. 2 points when building 15 cruisers

4. 2 points when building 10 battleships

5. 100 points when upgrading ships

6. 20 points when you complete 1 daily mission

2-3. War Memorial Week III [Removed]

Our sincerest apologies that this event has been removed due to unforeseen circumstances.

3. Ship Relic Circuit System

Basic information on Relic Circuits has been discovered in each region of Interspace.

As a result of researching artifacts based on this, we have completed a new artifact - “Relic Circuit”.

By injecting a huge amount of energy into the Relic Circuit, a new relic circuit is formed. 

When this is combined with the ship enhancement system, the stats of all the ships it belongs to are further increased.

Unfortunately, the schematic generated by the Relic Circuit cannot be controlled yet, it may take multiple tries to get the relic that you want. Instead, the more you try, the bigger your Relic Circuit will expand.

New relics are given names based on where they were discovered, and many explorers are trying to find information about relics that have not yet been discovered.

※ Ship Relic Circuit unlocks at Ship Enhancement Facility Level 25. 



3-1. Relic Circuit

The relic circuit consists of up to 9 relics.

The three basic slots are unlocked for the relic circuit, and if you engrave it a certain number of times, the level of the relic circuit increases.

As the relic circuit's level rises, the number of relic and lock slots increases.



3-2. Relic


A relic is a special item that is engraved on the relic circuit and has a dedicated normal ship stat.

One relic has a grade from 1 to 10, and the higher the grade, the higher the applied stats.

When applied, the ship enhancement level is required, and if the ship enhancement level is insufficient, only half of the stats will be applied.


3-3. Engrave


When engraving with a black stone, a new relic is engraved in all slots placed in the relic circuit.

The amount of black stone required for engraving increases according to the number of open slots.

When you tap a relic, the relic is locked, and even if engraved, it will remain.

The number of black stones required for engraving increases according to the number of locked relics.


Black Stones can be obtained from the Empire Arena Merit Shop or the Interspace Faction Shop.

If you do not have a black stone, you can use a crystal to engrave.

When engraving using crystals, you can engrave up to 10 times per day for each relic circuit.


3-4. Equipping Relic Circuit

텍스트, 모니터, 화면, 검은색이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


If a relic circuit is equipped in the ship enhancement slot, the relic effect will be applied. 

The name of the equipped relic circuit is displayed on the button.

If there is no relic equipped, tap the 'Equip' button. 



3-5. Overload


The overload effect can be used when the relic circuit reaches level 10.

The overload effect maintains the selected relic's grade and can be engraved with a new relic.

To use the overload feature, the overload gauge must be fully charged.



3-6. Relic Circuit Effect

텍스트, 장치, 시계, 측정기이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명


When the Relic Circuit level rises above a certain level, the Relic Circuit effect is activated.

It is applied based on the sum of the highest Relic Circuit grade reached, and it is applied even if the Relic Circuit is not equipped.

4. Ship Engine Enhancement Balance Renewal

4-1. Ship Enhancement Changes

[Attack Speed] for normal ship engine enhancement has been changed to [Durability].

The [Durability] increase value of Engine Enhancement is applied as the same value as the [Durability] increase value of Armor Enhancement.

※ As the ship engine enhancement option changes from [Attack Speed] to [Durability], the durability enhancement value for both armor and engine will be displayed as a unified value.


4-2. Formation Changes


The basic values of the 4 evasion type formations have been adjusted.


Formation Name



Rail Gun Evasion Formation



Beam Evasion Formation



Missile Evasion Formation



Cannon Evasion Formation



5. Organize Fleet Page Improvement

- You will be able to change the flagship's tactics in both Galaxy and Interspace 'Organize Fleet' page for both fleet and defense formation.

6. Others

- Increased the maximum number of heroes per level in the Academy facility.

- After joining the federation, the chat window will be redirected to the federation chat. 

- The use of the Fleet Speed Boost items will be added to the daily mission.

- Unlock formation research UI has been improved.

- Attacking a fleet from the harvesting site is added to the 'Declare War' target. 

- Other text and bug fixes were applied.