[Community Event] ASTROKINGS Interspace Survey

Hello Commanders, 

We have prepared a survey about Interspace.

A lot has been changed in Interspace, and we'd like to hear the thoughts of our commanders on how we could further improve Interspace.

Event Period: 2022/05/04 - 2022/05/17 03:00 PM UTC

How to participate: Tap the link below and fill out the survey form


- Optional Flagship Upgrade Box x 3

- Command Buff Enhance Module x 20

- Flagship Upgrade Module v5 x 50

Survey Form Link:


※ Note

1. Participation rewards are received once per account.

2. Participation rewards will be sent within two weeks after the survey event ends.

(As this is a global survey, please understand that it may take some time to collect.)

3. If the commander name contains uppercase/lowercase letters and special characters, please include them when you submit your commander information.

(If the correct commander name cannot be confirmed due to the absence of uppercase/lowercase letters and special characters, it may be excluded from receiving the rewards for participating in the survey.) 

Thank you for your solid support Commanders!